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Happy Family: Stories From the Brightside

Food is a major part of every family’s daily routine and our attitudes toward it shape our kids from a very young age.  It seemed appropriate that just as I was asked to do a sponsored post from Happy Family about personal humorous experiences around food and kids that I happened to be looking through pictures from our past cruises.

If food is a major part of the every day, it’s a HUGE part of cruising, at least for our family

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Milk Unleashed

My first experience with shelf safe milk was in Germany.  My grandparents lived there and every few years we would spend our summer vacations with them.  Like many people in Europe, their fridge was much smaller than the fridges we have here in North America.  Shopping for meats, cheeses, fresh dairy products and produce is done more frequently, sometimes even on a daily basis.  Since there wasn’t a lot of room in the fridge to store milk for four growing grandchildren, my grandma purchased shelf safe milk to have in the cupboard so she would always have some on hand for us.

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Tips for Cooking Healthy Meals with Kids

It can be tough to get your kids excited about healthy meals, but getting them on the road to enjoying them lowers their risk of health problems later on in life.

To help parents develop relationships with their kids at meal time, Uncle Ben’s has launched a contest called Ben’s Beginners.

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My Favorite Thing About Easter

I shared previously on my Hoppy Mother’s Day Event post about what Easter really means to me.  But I have the opportunity now to write a blog post for Social Moms about my favorite thing about Easter, so I’ll mention it again .

Easter really is what solidifies my faith.  Christmas and Easter go hand in hand.  Without God sending His Son to be a child born on this Earth, the sacrifice for sin could never have been made.

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