Make Your Phone Case as Unique as You Are With Casetify

With all the new phones being released recently from Apple, Samsung and HTC, I’m pretty sure this holiday season there are going to be a good many smartphones being opened on Christmas morning.  So while we haven’t officially started our Holiday Gift Guide this year, I have some early product reviews lined up to help you with your shopping if you want to get ahead on the game.

If you are in the market for a smartphone case for someone this Christmas (or for yourself), Casetify is a personalized option you might want to check out.

Being able to customize your phone case, to reflect your individuality or display your most precious photos prominently, is fun to do  Making it effortless by dragging and drop photos or pictures into templates to create the perfect look you’re aiming to achieve, is something Casetify helps you do.

You can make a case one of two ways either by logging on to Casetify’s website or by using the Casetify App (available on both iOS and Android).  Then it’s just a matter of uploading the pictures you want to use from your computer or phone or pulling them directly from Instagram or Facebook.  Casetify also has a collection of precreated designs that you can use to make a case from.

The process is simple.  Pick which device you want to make a case for (they sell cases for numerous devices including the new iPhone 6 styles), choose which template you’d like to use and then drag and drop your pictures into the template. 

It’s just that easy!

We reviewed the process for both a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Samsung Galaxy S4.  We chose to use the desktop interface mostly because we used for the pictures we put on our cases and so had those downloaded to our Mac’s hard drive.

This awesome, Chibi Ezreal from League of Legends, art was drawn by Cirath over at

For the S3 we used a single picture design template, and for the S4 we used a template that divided the case into thirds.

Coffee Stain Typeface by markhossain and Coffee Stain Texture (hi-res) by TwinklePowderySnow

They have a myriad of templates to choose from though, so if you’re looking to make a phone case with multiple photos they have you covered.

The cases themselves are constructed well.  They are slim and lightweight, and they protect your phone back and edges from scratches and dust, however they aren’t completely impact resistant.

The access to the ports are all cut out well and their snap on/snap off design allows you to easily remove them if needed.  That is a real breath of fresh air, as I have had many phone cases that are a struggle to remove once put on.

If you are in the market for a personalized phone case, head over to Casetify.  From creation to delivery of both cases I had them in hand in just over a week.

To see all their case options visit or download their app on iOS or Android.

What would you put on a personalized phone case?

7 thoughts on “Make Your Phone Case as Unique as You Are With Casetify

  1. These are cute. I have no idea what I would put. Either my blog info or my children 😉 (although they are always growing/changing too quickly)

  2. You and your coffee! That is too cute though. I know what you mean about cases that are hard to get off. I have one of those now!

  3. Looks like a great way to make a phone your own. I still don't have a case for my phone, and need to get one!

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