Make Your Own Simple Floral Décor at Dollar Tree

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I was paging through a magazine last week and there was a spring article on how to being the outdoors inside with decorating ideas. One of the photos I fell in love with had lilacs still partially in the buds in vases grouped together. I liked it because it was casually simple, yet it was so beautiful. My one problem…my husband has horrible allergies. Bringing cut lilacs into the home would have him sneezing and tearing up all day long.

When I was at Dollar Tree the other day, I found these Floral Berry stems in a pale purple and ivory color.

floral berries from Dollar TreeI liked how they looked similar to buds on a stem and thought about how I could work them into a home décor project as I wandered around the rest of the store.  Walking past the craft section I spied these glass accent gems…

glass accent gems from Dollar Treeand BAM! I had an idea on making a nice table floral arrangement that would last, be affordable, and most importantly not irritate my husband’s allergies!  This project cost me $12 before tax.

floral decor simple dollar treeWhat I all needed to put this together was:

3 stems of floral berries
3 bud vases
3 bags of glass accent gems
3 glass candle plates

I purchased the assorted colors of glass accent gems, but they come in single colors too.  What I did was separate the blue and some of the white ones from each package and placed them in the bud vase, so they look like they have water in them.

vase glass accent gems

Then I went ahead and placed one stem of floral berries in each bud vase. I put it on top of the glass candle plate and then put some of the extra glass gem accents around the vase on the plate.

single bud vase berries dollar tree

That’s how easy it is to get a floral spring tablescape!  If you want to make it a bit more permanent, you can hot glue the bud vases to the candle plates, but I envision myself reusing these supplies for other seasonal décor so I didn’t do that.  If you don’t have room for the candle plates on your surface, then just use the bud vases and scatter the glass accent gems around them.  It’s actually the simplicity of this that makes it so pretty.

floral centerpiece

Right now I have them on my kitchen countertop, but I plan to put them on our new sofa table that we’re putting in our front entry way when it is delivered in a couple of weeks.  I’ll update this post with a photo when it’s all set up to show you what guests will see when they enter our home.  These floral pieces are sure to make it a cheery welcome!

There are so many ideas that you can make with the spring floral selection at Dollar Tree…add them to a wreath or to a mason jar.  I have a few other ideas of what I could do with some of the flowers I saw, and with supplies readily available at Dollar Tree, it’s only finding the time to do them that is keeping them from getting done!

These floral products and accessories like vases and accents to make them into a centerpiece or gift is a great reason to go to Dollar Tree and pick some up.  Between wedding showers, spring teas, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Appreciation, other occasions or just to spruce up your own home décor, there is an endless variety of merchandise to get your creative juices working.

What kind of floral décor would you make with supplies from Dollar Tree?

7 thoughts on “Make Your Own Simple Floral Décor at Dollar Tree

  1. I love shopping at Dollar Tree they always have excellent things for putting together to update my home decor.

  2. I really like the idea of a simple floral arrangement for my counter. I’m going to check out my local dollar store, and maybe buy some flowers to make myself something! Looking forward to the pics of your new table with the flowers on it!

  3. Wonderful flower arrangements you made here, but I was wanting to know if those berries came in other colors? I’d really like to add them to a floral arrangement of my own. If you have any suggestions on what I should do, please let me know.

    1. I’m wanting to say they did, but I can’t remember now. The best thing to do is just check at your local store because in my experience the stores carry variable merchandise from one to the next, or they can sell out at one and still have them at another. I think magazines are a great inspiration when it comes to decorating. Find an arrangement in a spring or summer issue and see if you can try and replicate it.

  4. I don’t have a Dollar Tree where I live, but next time I’m in a place that does I’ll have to check it out!

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