Henkaa Dresses – A Convertible Dress You Can Wear In Multiple Ways to Express Yourself!

I am excited to partner with Henkaa for this sponsored opportunity. Opinions are my own.

Imagine having a dress that you could wear for many functions in multiple ways.  Wearing it with sleeves for a professional lunch.  Wearing the same dress as a halter dress for a summer wedding.  Or how about strapless for a New Year’s Party or even as a skirt with your favorite blouse for a Sunday brunch.  It’s a good idea right?!  Of course it is, and that’s just what a Henkaa Dress can do for you!


Henkaa sent me their Iris dress in a Midi length in a dark teal color to show you just how easy it is to go from professional to dress up and from a bit more modest to party ready.  I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to go when I first took the dress out of the packaging but I have to say it is absolutely amazing, and you’ll soon see why.

The obvious appeal of a convertible dress is that you can wear it in all sorts of styles.  Some people might think that $138.00 runs a bit expensive, but even if you only wear it two different ways it is like paying  $69.00 a dress.  If you can style it four ways, that’s less than $35.00.  Now you may think my math is a bit off, but really it isn’t because even though it’s the same color, by styling it differently and wearing different accent accessories, it really is like having more than one dress.

Henkaa Classic Wrap

So for Easter weekend I wore my Henkaa dress styled as a classic wrap dress, pulling the sleeves up a bit for the warmer Texas weather.  Honestly the picture doesn’t do the color justice as all, it is really a darker teal than this (much more similar to the bottom pictures and what you will see on Henkaa’s website).

I feel that the fabric is a very nice weight and quality.  It’s a signature fabric called Lenaa™, which has a bit of a sheen to it, much like bridal party dresses, and you will find that on the Henkaa website it’s actually one of the great things that you can use these dresses for; weddings as a guest or as an attendant!  All the photos that get taken at occasion events have Henkaa dresses looking beautiful.  Here’s where the fabric really shines though (ha, see what I did there?!)  It is wrinkle resistant and machine washable.  (That alone sold me on this dress!).  Perfect for traveling!  To find out more about the Lenaa™ fabric visit: http://www.henkaa.com/choose/behind-the-design.

It takes a bit of practice to style the dress to your body.  I found the quickstep guides and videos on the Henkaa website very helpful.  I spent about 45 minutes trying 3 different styles and then probably another 10 or 15 minutes on each perfecting them.  But now that I know what I’m doing, I can put it on quickly in the style that I want.  If you have someone to help you put it on… it might be faster and you may be able to pull off a more intricate style than what you can accomplish with just your own two hands 😉

To put the dress and photos in perspective of sizing, I’m 4’9” and just over 100 lbs.  The dress I am wearing is an x-small/small, equivalent to a size 0-6 in a traditional dress.  How about that?!  I could gain or lose some weight and the dress would still fit me!  It’s the perfect kind of dress for someone who is looking at losing weight but still wants or needs a dress for a special occasion.  No worries on investing money on something you won’t wear again, but rather you have a piece that will take you through a number of sizes of weight loss.  Which brings me to say it is also a great fashion piece for expectant moms.  You can wear the dress through your pregnancy and then again post-partum.  Talk about a deal!

Without trying to sound like I’m bragging, I feel that this dress lends itself to flatter the figure.  Before you say; “well you’re petite and skinny so of course it would look good on you,” generally when a tiny person wraps multiple layers of fabric around themselves…it is not a flattering look 😉  What I think makes it flattering and this goes to all kinds of body types, is the ability to ‘fit it to your body shape.’  If I want a higher neckline I can do that by reversing the dress or by positioning the side panels differently when I wrap them.  If I want to drape the fabric more I can do that.  I can adjust it so that when I look in the mirror, I’m happy with the way the fabric contours to my body, and if I don’t like it, well I can style the dress in a different way.

Henkaa Iris Dress Halter Style

Henkaa Iris Dress Halter Style Back

Trying out the halter style, I know it’s going to be perfect to wear for my nephew’s wedding in May.  I need to pack it in a carry-on and knowing it won’t wrinkle on the way there and that I can toss it in the washer when I get home is so great.  I’m definitely going to style it yet another way to wear to our other nephew’s wedding in July.  Unless of course I end up buying another Henkaa dress before then, which is something I’m eager to do!  It’s just a matter of which one and in what color.. 🙂

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Which Henkaa Convertible Dress style and color do you like best?  What kind of occasions would you wear it for?

21 thoughts on “Henkaa Dresses – A Convertible Dress You Can Wear In Multiple Ways to Express Yourself!

  1. Wow, you look great!
    Thank you for sharing about these dresses. I hate buying a different dress for three or four weddings in summer, this would allow me to buy just one but wear it different ways!

  2. What a modern idea and I need a dress for both my Grandma’s birthday bash and for a wedding this summer. I like the short and sassy designs on Henkaa’s site, and think that I could style one for both occasions. That cloth does look nice, and I like the deep teal color.

  3. I have never heard of convertible dresses before, I’ve been searching for a dress to bring to Europe with me that would cover casual and dressy, so I appreciate hearing about them. I bookmarked Henkaa to look at further, from what I’ve seen so far it seems like it would be a good fit for what I’m looking for.

  4. That is Awesome! Its genuinely amazing that you can have two different dresses like that from the same one, I would never have imagined without seeing it.

  5. Definitely believe that this is a good investment. I certainly get annoyed when I have to pay good money for a bridesmaid dress and then have no where else to wear it again, even though I realize it’s the bride’s prerogative I don’t think some of them recognize how inconveniencing that is for the bridal party. You managed to really make the dress look good, without even adding any extra accessories. Next wedding I’m in I’m going to suggest these to the bride as an option. Thank you.

  6. I have seen some ads for these but have never seen them on a real person. Thanks for posting to show what you can do.

  7. I wondered how easy it was to get them to look different on those kinds of dresses. I’m not very coordinated and some of the examples look tough to me, lol.

    1. I didn’t take any of myself putting the dress on, but you can find the style videos on Henkaa’s website.

  8. Thanks for letting us know about the quality of the dress, because I think that’s what may make it different from other convertible dresses out there. Also the ability to style it to fit your figure is something that is definitely appealing, especially those of us who are odd shaped. The price does seem pretty affordable too.

  9. Its like you read my mind! You look so great in this dress, like it was made just for you or something. I think that you could change up a statement necklace with each style and different colored accessories and no one would be the wiser it was the same dress. It’s a wonderful idea.

  10. I really like that dress quite a lot, who would think that you could get a dress that you could wear such different ways!

    1. As far as I know they are only available online, but I will ask and let you know if you can get them in stores. They do have free shipping on orders over $200 and if colors are a concern you can order swatch samples as well.

  11. Thanks for sharing about these dresses. I really hope to check them out in the future the next time I need something like this. Your review has motivated me to get my own.

  12. Thank you for sharing these great styles for this dress. I really love these kinds of dresses.

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