Handmade Bracelets by Luc and Bell

This is an ad for Luc and Bell Handmade Bracelets.

A gift with meaning is always in season. This holiday, you can give kindness, inclusion, support, and self-expression. These are the messages that Luc and Bell carries with each one of their handmade bracelets.

handmade bracelets

Luc and Bella was founded by Marta and Pavlina – two mothers and doctors. They make jewelry with love, created for their own children when they were facing bullying. These moms wanted to give their children something they could wear as an ever-present reminder that they are not alone, and that they are loved.

Each piece has a red bead symbolizing strength and protection, a heart for love and an animal specifically chosen for its commitment to family and community – like a penguin, an elephant or a wolf. The great thing is you as a family or your child can assign their own meanings to the bracelets.

Luc and Bell jewelry is a lovely gift:

  • It reminds people of their own strengths and the circle of friends around them.
  • Each bracelet is handmade.
  • Packed with meaning, they are small enough to be perfect stocking stuffers.
  • They are ideal for support groups, families, friends, teams, and children.
  • Luc and Bell bracelets retail for $12 and a portion of the profits are donated to children in need.

Take a look at their Etsy page www.etsy.com/shop/Lucandbell  to see all the colors and options you can choose for a handmade bracelet.  You can also visit their website www.lucandbell.com and find them on www.instagram.com/Lucandbell.

 This would be a gift that is a beautiful reminder of how much kindness and love can mean – and the power it can have.

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  1. Lovely work by Luc & Bell my daughter used to do bracelets I love the spirit animal touches

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