The Darkest Minds on Blu-ray

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Darkest Minds

Based on the book by Alexandra Bracken and from producers of Stranger Things comes The Darkest Minds, an empowering tale of teens who mysteriously develop new abilities and are declared a threat by the government.  Ruby, one of the most powerful young people anyone has encountered, joins a group of runaway teens seeking safe haven.  Soon, this new found family realizes that collective power is needed to take back control of their fate and save future generations.  

We really enjoyed the plot of this movie.  If you have a tween or teen in your home (or even if it’s just you!) and they enjoy dystopic young adult storylines then this will be one right up their alley.

The story moves along at a fairly good pace and of course there a burgeoning romance between two of the main characters.

I found The Darkest Minds a little more refreshing than the general dystopian teen movies as it added a more “super-hero” element to it (a tad bit like X-Men).  You’re not getting an epic super-hero movie, but it was good entertainment for a couple of hours.

The young actors that were casted to play the roles did a good job.  I wish we had more of a background on them than just Ruby though.  I didn’t feel as invested as I could have if I had known more about this little band traveling together to find sanctuary.

However to sum it up, those that enjoyed franchises like Insurgent and Maze Runner and the like will probably enjoy The Darkest Minds also.  With both action and romance, teens that gravitate to these kinds of books and movies will probably love it.   Also quite predictably the ending is set up to segue into a sequel if the studio decides to film one.


• Remember – A Look Beyond Ruby and Liam’s Last Kiss (Original Animatic)
• Gag Reel
• Jennifer Yuh Nelson: Heroine at the Helm
• Character Profiles
• Storyboard-to-Screen Comparison
• Feature Commentary
• And More! 

Rated: PG-13


You can purchase The Darkest Minds on Blu-ray (which also includes the DVD and a Digital Copy) for $19.96 on

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