Love, Hallmark – Mother’s Day Review

Did you know that we’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day for over 100 years because President Woodrow Wilson declared it a national holiday in 1914?  As a mother, I’d like to thank that man!

I’m still pretty old school when it comes to keeping in touch with friends.  Yes, I use texts and e-mails to communicate, but I still like to drop a greeting card in the mailbox once in a while to let them know that I’m thinking about them.  Hallmark is helping me out this year as I show my family and friends how much I appreciate them as mothers in my life.  Between my actual mom, my sister who is a mom and countless friends who are moms, well let’s just say I have a lot of cards to mail out!

What I really like about Hallmark cards is that they have a card for everyone.  Grandmas, Friends, Moms-to-Be: there is a card to send to any mom who has touched your life.

Some of my favorite cards come from Hallmark’s Shoebox line.  They are funny and if the person you are sending them to has a good sense of humor, they will completely appreciate these greeting cards. If you’re looking for funny, you can’t beat a Mother’s Day card that says:

Good moms let their kids lick the beaters.
Great moms turn the mixers off first.

Ha!  I love it!

Hallmark Signature Collection

Nothing beats a card and a gift in one!  And some of the Hallmark Signature Collection Mother’s Day cards have the sentiments you want to convey and a small gift to go with it.  Like these two cards that were sent to me by Hallmark.  One has a beautiful wooden necklace attached and the other comes with a coffee cup cozy.  I love them both!

I don’t know about you, but Hallmark never lets me down on finding just the right card for every occasion and for every person I want to send a card to, and this year for Mother’s Day they didn’t disappoint me with their Mother’s Day card selections.

*Hallmark sent me a package of Mother’s Day cards to review.  All opinions are my own.

Would you like to Win a Prize from Hallmark?

As a bonus for readers of Three Different Directions, Hallmark has graciously offered to allow me to host a giveaway for one of my lucky readers to win a 5 Card Mother’s Day Pack.

This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents ages 18+. No PO Boxes. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, and will be randomly chosen. By entering this giveaway you are stating that you have read and agree to the Privacy Statement and Giveaway Rules posted on our site. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.  Giveaway ends May 4th, 2015 at 11:59 PM CST.

35 thoughts on “Love, Hallmark – Mother’s Day Review

  1. My Mother passed away 3 1/2 years ago. However, I always sent her cards that I carefully chose just for her. As a Mother I look forward to receiving cards from my children. I have saved each and everyone of them from handmade from their preschool days to special Hallmark cards. I too love to go to my mailbox and find a card with my name on it. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

  2. I’d send one to my sister in law who just had a baby so it will be her first Mother’s Day.

  3. I would like to send Mother’s Day cards to my mom, mom in-law, and sister in-law.

  4. My mom, mamaw, mother in law, grandmother,bff, and sister in law x2 , and sister! I got a pretty big list!

  5. i would like to send a mothers day card to my mother in law since she is so far away.

  6. I’d send one to my neighbor Dave, and another one to a guy I meet at a bar one time who seemed kinda cool and maybe one to my dentist… or maybe my mom, mother-in-law, and the mother of my children, perhaps?

  7. I would love to send a card to all the special women in my life that have been like moms to me.

  8. I would like to send a Mother’s Day Hallmark greeting card to my mom and to my mother-in-law. They are both just so amazing!

  9. I’d send one to my grandma! Well, both of them! Blessed to still have all 4 grandparents!

  10. I’d send one to my mom, grandmas and aunt. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  11. I would love to send one to my older sister! Since my Mom passed away, she has really looked out for me and I really consider her my second Mom! She deserves a nice card!

  12. My Grandmamma who teaches water aerobics, tap dances, and is an actress!

    She would get a “tap” out of it!

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