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Eating out with my family can sometimes be challenging.  Our daughter has an intolerance to certain dairy ingredients and we often don’t know which items might contain them in sauces or other menu choices.  Some times she’d like something on the menu and knows she could eat it if an ingredient could be removed from the dish,  but the restaurant tells her she can’t make a substitution or changes.  Talk about frustrating.
We were recently introduced to Red Robin‘s Interactive Allergen Menu.  The Interactive Allergen Menu is your guide to finding all the great things you can eat — and avoiding the things you can’t— so you and your family members won’t have to sacrifice the “yummm” factor when it comes to eating at Red Robin.  What a great service that provides to families!It is easily accessible online from a mobile device or computer and allows you to choose which allergens or ingredients to avoid.Red Robin Interactive Allergen MenuOnce selected, the Interactive Allergen Menu builds custom dining options that fit your custom specific needs.Red Robin Interactive Allergen MenuAmber is heading into her finals week at university, so we thought we’d drive out to the college and pick her up for dinner the other night before her week of all nighter study sessions begin.  I gave her a heads up about the Interactive Allergen Menu so she could check out what she could eat before we headed out to the restaurant.  She went through the menu’s prompts and settled on getting the Banzai Burger with modifications.
When we arrived at Red Robin and were handed the menus though, they had this delectable sounding new Southern Charm Burger that she really, really wanted.  That wasn’t on the Interactive Allergen Menu yet though so she almost didn’t order it.  Here is where Red Robin shines when it comes to being Allergen Friendly, she casually asked our server if she could have that burger made to order so that it wouldn’t interfere with her dairy intolerance explaining what she could and couldn’t eat (she doesn’t get sick with all dairy ingredients just some), he noted that on our order with an allergy alert and the kitchen team was able to make the burger to her specifications!  Red Robin trains all restaurant Team Members to allow guests to modify their Red Robin food or beverage order to suit their taste or dietary preferences.
This was helpful for us because although the Interactive Allergen Menu was a start to find the menu items with milk to avoid, the french fries and sweet potato fries do have milk ingredients, so they aren’t included as suitable items for a milk allergy.  Since she has a dairy intolerance only to certain foods, but not an allergy (not life threatening, she just gets sick which is no fun!) and has never had a reaction to the fries at Red Robin before, we discussed this with our server when she ordered the sweet potato fries and the dairy intolerance was brought up.  It was so refreshing to have someone listen to her needs and ask questions when she ordered so she would be aware in case it was a problem.Red Robin Allergen Friendly MenuSouthern Charm Burger - Red Robin Allergen Friendly MenuRed Robin understands how difficult menu choices can be when dining out and trying to avoid certain ingredients and is committed to making dining with allergies as worry-free as possible–but you don’t have to take our word for it!  AllergyEats, the leading guide to allergy-friendly restaurants nationwide – rated by people with food allergies, for people with food allergies has been recognized as one of the “Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains,” for the last three years!  Red Robin uses allergen kits to prepare all allergen orders. The kits include tools that are for use on allergen orders only and are purple to clearly distinguish them from other kitchen tools. Purple is the color of Allergen Awareness.
The Customizer Hub on doesn’t only allow you to “Build a Customized Allergen Menu,” it also lets you “Customize Your Nutrition,” which is a valuable resource for everyone, not just those with allergens.
To find out more about Red Robin and their menu options you can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Red Robin information and gift cards have been provided by Red Robin.
Information about Red Robin:

  • Red Robin is the Gourmet Burger Authority, a place where families and adults alike can enjoy a great dining experience.
  • There are more than 500 Red Robin restaurants across the United States and Canada.
  • Red Robin is famous for serving more than two dozen craveable, high-quality burgers with Bottomless Steak Fries® in a fun environment welcoming to guests of all ages. In addition to its many burger offerings, Red Robin serves a wide variety of salads, soups, appetizers, entrees, desserts and signature Mad Mixology® Beverages.
  • Red Robin has a long-standing tradition of customizing meals to order. The ability to customize and make every menu item feel personal is important, and an integral part of Red Robin’s DNA.
To give you the chance to experience the Interactive Allergen Menu during May, which is National Allergy Awareness Month, Red Robin is offering a $25 Gift Card to one of my readers.

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158 thoughts on “Red Robin’s Interactive Allergen Menu

  1. my family does not have serious cases of allergies but my hubby cannot eat onions and needs for any dish to not include onions. also, my hubby has been trying to go gluten free so i am very happy to see this changes in red robin. i hope other restaurants will follow suit so people will feel more safe when they go to have a meal / dessert at a restaurant!

  2. I too am lactose intolerant and try to avoid gluten. Eating out is hard so it is great when a restaurant is willing to work with you.

  3. My daughter is lactose intolerant and has become more so lately in that the school modified lunches are not strict enough so she has been missing a log of school due to it, they don’t think cornbread or breaded items have lactose when it does it is a big hassle that we struggle with. Glad to know she has a Place that will work with us to make sure she will not get sick.

  4. I’m lucky that I have no food allergies. I want to try the Southern Charm Burger.
    Thanks for the contest.

  5. I have an allergy to strawberries and I must ask if salads that say berries or anything that says berries is strawberries or some other type.

  6. I don’t have any allergies. Fingers crossed it stays that way. I like the Whiskey River Barbecue Chicken Wrap and the lemonade!

  7. My son has severe peanut and tree nut allergies, and eating out is often more trouble than it’s worth. I didn’t know Red Robin offers this service – I’ll have to check it out.

  8. The Royal Red Robin burger is very good, we don’t have any food allergies in our family.

  9. I love trying a different burger everytime I come! Most of the burgers are my favorites!

  10. I do suffer from food allergies and we actually used Red Robin app to help me pick out the right food. I ordered over the phone and picked it up! It is easy! Although I did have an experience where my raspberry allergy was almost missed (they have raspberry in the berry sauce). Luckily it was caught in time. I wish the allergen list was expanded but not everyone has these off the wall random food allergies. Anyways red robin rocks and I recently had a gluten free bacon burger sans cheese. Still yummy!!

  11. I am gluten free so I love that Red Robin has gluten free buns so I can enjoy dinner with my family and not feel like I have to stick to a salad.

  12. I don’t have a problem with food allergies and I love the Red Robin Guacamole Bacon, yummy!

  13. My daughter is allergic to eggs and peanuts so we always have to make sure we ask about eggs and if they use peanut oil

  14. Our daughter has multiple allergies including some food allergies especially shellfish. I have never been to Red Robin but I bet I would like anything they served.

  15. besides the onion rings my favorite item from red robin is the royal red robin burger

  16. While I don’t have any specific allergies, I learned the hard way that Red Robin’s seasoning that tastes so yummy on their fries has an MSG effect on me. Nice to know that they are allergy friendly!

  17. I have allergies to find. If it looks like fish, I don’t even use the tray it was served on.

  18. We don’t have allergies and we haven’t eaten there yet. They just built a new Red Robin here a few years ago and we’ve been meaning to try it! I’d probably like their Sauteed Shroom burger.

  19. Growing up we didn’t have a lot of choices for places to go out to eat since my mom was unable to eat anything ‘too spicy’ or that had dairy included in it.

  20. My husband had a corn allergy when he was younger, but it’s completely gone away. Our favorite thing at Red Robin is the burger with the fried egg on top..yum!

  21. My family has gluten allergies that they deal with. My favorite burger is the Banzi Burger, so tasty!

  22. No allergies. We’ve never tried Red Robin, but there is one where we just moved, so we’ve been wanting to try them for awhile.

  23. I don’t have allergies per se but onions trigger my migraines so I do avoid them. My fav at Red Robin are the fries dipped in their awesome ranch dressing! Thanks.

  24. I have never been to Red Robin, but at the beginning of breast feeding my daughter I had to cut eggs out of my diet or she would get sick!

  25. Thankfully no food allergies here. I love all the burgers, but my favorite item would have to be their onion rings

  26. Having a daughter allergic to tree nuts has us reading labels and quizzing servers at restaurants.

  27. My husband is lactose intolerant so it is difficult sometimes when I want to make something with milk or cheese. I sometimes have to substitute or make 2 of something for him.

  28. When we double date with a certain couple, we need to find somewhere with GF, lactose free, and vegetarian options. It’s nice that they’ve got all of these and that you can really narrow it down online before you go in (rather than spending FOREVER scouring the menu)!

  29. My little sister is gluten-free and it’s very hard planning somewhere we can all meet for dinner. Red Robin is actually one of her favorites, because they offer GF buns and they keep fryers for fries and breaded items separate.

  30. My family is notorious for food allergies and so is my boyfriend’s family. We suffer from gluten intolerance as well as IBS.

  31. My daughter had an egg allergy which made us very conscious of where we ate, restaurants, etc. She has now grown out of it, so we love the Whiskey River Burger!

  32. I am actually allergic to garlic, which makes it hard to order out because it seems almost every dish has garlic in it. I have suffered reactions when told a dish didn’t have any garlic. Often, waitresses or waiters are not familiar enough with a dish to know all of it’s ingredients. I have found that many restaurants will go out of their way to meet my unique needs so that I am able to enjoy a nice dinner out with friends or family.

  33. My son is allergic to Red Dye, my husband chicken, my sis in law is all nuts and shellfish and I’m gluten and all tomatoes. You should try joining our family for a get together it’s a mess!

  34. I have a severe shellfish allergy so I must be careful when I eat out. I have been sick so many times from cross contamination that we rarely go out to eat. Red Robin is one place that I never get sick and we just got one in our town!

  35. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 7 years ago now. It has been very hard, because I cook normal for everyone else, and gluten free for me. If I do eat gluten…I get very sick. So every meal every night…if its not gluten free…I have to make two of them. One regular and one gluten free. I was so excited to hear that Red Robin has gluten free hamburger buns!!! I am so excited to go and try it and actually sit down in a restaurant with my family!

  36. We don’t have issues with food allergies. I love many of their different types of burgers and the never ending basket of fries.

  37. We have no allergies thank goodness! I love the royal red Robin burger.yummmmm

  38. My 6 year old is managing multiple food allergies, including ones outside of the top 8. Her allergies, have changed the way we, as a family, think about going out to eat. I always think twice and wonder if its worth the stress of it.

  39. We don’t really have food allergies, but my daughter is sensitive to lactose so we went through a period of serious restriction to figure that out and eating out was challenging!

  40. My family likes the onion rings and bottomless fries. Fortunately we have no food allergies.

  41. I like the Keep It Simple Burger. Thankfully we have no allergies that we have to worry about when eating.

  42. We have milk & nut allergies and stomach sensitivities to lots of foods! I have only been to Red Robin once and loved the onion ring tower! There is a new one in my area, so this would be the perfect excuse to get in a visit!

  43. The only food allergies we have are lactose intolerant. Luckily, most of what Red Robin has is friendly to my belly!

  44. My boyfriend has an allergy to mustard seed. He gets really bad swelling and we didn’t find out until a camping trip!

  45. My mother and I both have a food allergy to MSG that we are unable to eat many foods at many restaurants. A lot of soups, croutons, dressings and sauces contain MSG so have to ask at every restaurant we visit.

  46. We have no food allergies in this house, we love the mac n cheese from red robin menu!

  47. I have an oat allergy and my daughter is allergic to strawberries, pineapple, pear, peaches, and cherries. We have to ask about breads and sauces all the time when we go out.

  48. My son had a terrible dairy allergy for the first year of his life. Thankfully, he outgrew it.

  49. We do not have allergies but we do have a lot of healthy eating concerns. I am glad that Red Robin offers healthy salads!

  50. My hubby is alergic to mushrooms. You have no idea how many dishes especially soups have mushrooms.

  51. I’ve never been here but I love anything with bacon and mushrooms. Just moved to an area where they have a restaurant & this place is next on my list!

  52. I personally don’t have any food allergies but I am a vegan. Red Robin has made eating out a pleasant experience cause they offer veggie burgers! So I always get that when I’m there. Favorite item on the menu. 🙂

  53. No food allergies but I love their website because you can see nutrition information on their food!

  54. My son has celaic disease and it has changed the way we approach dining out in a major way.

  55. My daughter, who is now 8 years old had an egg allergy which triggered skin and asthma issues as a child. While she still has asthma, she has outgrown the reaction to the food allergies. I appreciate that Red Robin makes it easier for people who have food allergies to enjoy good meal out.

  56. It’s not a food allergy, but I’m vegan and red robin surprisingly offers quite a few options for me!

  57. I am gluten free and my child is dye-free. It can be quite challenging at times but has taught us to eat better and look for other options.

  58. I grew up being able to eat anything and everything! But then I met my husband – Mr. Picky Pants! But it isn’t his fault… he is gluten intolerant AND vegetarian which makes eating out very difficult. I have learned how to scour ingredient labels while at the grocery store to make SURE he can eat what I buy! It is great that more restaurants are starting to cater to unique customers. Everyone should have fun dining out!

  59. My mom in law is allergic to dairy and she loves Red Robin for how they handle food allergies!

  60. My husband is allergic to shellfish and we have to be really careful where we eat. Red Robin has always provided a safe place for us to eat.

  61. We do not have a food allergy and we love the Whiskey River Bbq Chicken Wrap, and the Towering Onion Rings and the endless fries!

  62. I don’t have food allergies, but I recently was diagnosed with some health problems, that forced me to change my eating habits. I can’t have nuts, seeds, some red meat bothers me. It all depends on how it’s cooked.

  63. I have an allergy to shiitake mushrooms. I have to be really careful with asian food since they use those a lot.

  64. I’ve only been to Red Robin once but we are hoping to head back later this summer (it’s about an hour away!) I had a bacon cheeseburger and really loved the bottomless fries. My daughter would hooked on the bottomless mac & cheese!

  65. We have no allergies , I love the whiskey river burger with sweet potato fries and the chili dipping sauce

  66. I love the Red Robin Guacamole Bacon burger! We do not have food allergies thank goodness!

  67. I do not have a food allergy. I would love to try the crispy chicken sandwich or the yummy onion rings!

  68. My favorite item at Red Robin (besides the delicious fries) is the Mushroom Burger. It is loaded with mushrooms and gooey cheese. So good!

  69. My son has a pepper allergy so we have to be very careful when eating out. He loves Red Robin.

  70. I don’t have any food allergies and I’ve not yet been to Red Robin, but if I went I’d like to try the Bleu Ribbon burger.

  71. No food allergies in our family and I don’t have a favorite menu item because I have never been there. I see the commercials all the time and it looks delicious but it is a 45 minute drive for us so we have never made it there. Hope I win because then we will definitely be making the trip.

  72. My father is allergic to eggs, so he doesn’t get to eat Deviled eggs, or eggs for breakfast. He also can not get the flu shot because it will make him sick due to the virus being incubated in egg proteins.

  73. I don’t have allergies but I used to be on a gluten free diet so I can appreciate how helpful the allergen menu is! My favorite thing at Red Robin is their fries!

  74. We love their burgers! We do not have allergies to foods in my family’ however, as a teacher of students that do have allergies I can only imagine what it must be like. It must be hard but thank goodness so many places are beginning to become gluten free or other things to accommodate all types of consumers.

  75. I dont have any food allergies. Ive never been to Red Robin so Id love to try the guacamole burger. Thank you for thechance 🙂

  76. I love The Clam Chowder soup! No food allergies but since I am diabetic I watch carbs and try to eat gluten free once in a while.

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