Safe Moving & New Home Safety with Master Lock

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There is always excitement that surrounds a move into a new home. There is generally a lot of stress too. It’s easy to overlook both safe moving practices and home safety issues in the midst of it all.

Before you can settle into your new home, first you need to pack and move all your possessions. We think about bubble wrapping our crystal and protecting our furniture but often forget to take appropriate measures to ensure that our important paperwork and current home sale and new home purchase documents are safe!

Safe Moving

We’ve moved a number of times. We’ve moved within the same city, to a different state and even from one country to another.   Often our items have had to stay on a moving truck or we’ve had to put them in storage.  We just didn’t feel comfortable with items like our passports, tax returns, birth certificates, etc. in compromising places where they could get wet or stolen.  Our solution at the time was dragging our heavy fireproof safes along with us while we were in interim housing.  They are heavy and cumbersome.  It was the only option we could think of though to have all the necessary papers at hand, but still have them protected from theft and damage during our moves.

A perfect solution for easily moving your important papers from one home to another is the Master Lock Keyed Locking File Box.

Its durable steel construction stands up to moving and daily use.  The key lock protects and secures your personal documents.  Master Lock’s “Tough Under Fire” promise and a limited lifetime warranty provides you with peace of mind.

At only $21.90 (list price), it’s an affordable option to keep your paperwork and other important documents safe while moving.

Other safety tips to make note of when you are moving are:

  • Keep the weight of your boxes under 50 pounds when packing
  • Organize the space when loading and unloading so the high-traffic areas are clear of any obstacles.
  • If you have children, make sure they are either kept out of the way or have a babysitter lined up if possible.

Home Safety 

With a fresh start in your new home, pay particular attention to the safety issues you can address right away.

  • Smoke Detectors – when you move into your new home right away change all the batteries in the smoke detectors so you know they are fresh. Also depending on when the home was built, building code may not have required one in each room.  Take the time to do that if needed.  At the same time map out an escape route so if a fire should break out in your home you can save time and lives.
  • Change the locks – Other people besides the previous homeowners could still have a key to your new home. It’s worth the investment to get new locks. Hiding a spare key outside is never a good idea. Install a key lock box
  • Storing or securing items outdoors – If items like bicycles, BBQs or trailers are subject to visibility (as well as high winds) consider using Master Lock Keyed Cable Locks to secure them.


They come in a package of three (red, green & blue) with three keys (one for each lock) but they are keyed the same so each of those keys can open all three locks.  They are designed with a 6’ long 8 mm diameter self-coiling braided steel cable for strong cut resistance and the protective vinyl coating helps prevent scratching.


The list price is $18.29 for all three.  They’re a great investment for keeping your items safe and secure.

Share your safe moving and new home safety tips with us!

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  1. We have done all our own moving so we know where things are. We do change the locks on the doors just in case someone has a key to the house that we don’t know of.

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