Top 5 Carefree Leisure Activities for Seniors to Do at Home

Some older adults have gone through injuries from a fall, have suffered a stroke at some point, or have trouble coping with severe arthritis. When this is the case, seniors have a hard time keeping up with hobbies and activities and are somewhat tied to their homes.

Such seniors usually resort to indoor activities and think of good alternatives to spend their senior days. However, lack of mobility doesn’t mean that the good times have to end, quite the contrary.

There are, in fact, many ways for the elders to have fun without having to move around too much. To help you find the best activities in this field, here is a list of the top five that the elderly can do at home.

Further on, it is also point out the importance of living a stress-free life when you are a senior. Bear in mind, though, that a carefree life still comes with some expenses. To help you cover all the expenses of your retired life, there are a few tips on personal finance.

Best five leisure at-home-activities for seniors

For older adults, reading is probably the number one activity to do at home. You keep the brain active, reduce stress, improve memory, delay the widespread cognitive decline in senior days, and improve sleep.

The second activity the elderly can do at home is picking a favorite hobby that doesn’t require much effort. It can be baking or cooking, gardening, learning a new language, birdwatching, or playing a musical instrument.

All the hobbies mentioned above still keep the brain occupied but require no mobility or strength. The third activity is exercise. You may think this is too much for a retired person but spending time outdoors and doing yoga to relax is still exercising.

Naturally, an inevitable leisure activity for the elderly is watching TV shows and movies or listening to music. It’s not the healthiest activity but watching documentaries or food channels can even make watching TV an educational hobby.

Finally, the fifth and most overwhelming activity for a senior is to invite visitors regularly. If you have friends with children or pets, having them over from time to time can be an excellent way to engage an older adult.  

leisure activities for seniors

Why is living stress-free essential for the elderly?

Everybody experiences stress. It’s our body’s natural reaction to numerous stressors in our daily lives. When you get older, avoiding stress is crucial because it can have a big impact on your health.

For example, increased heart rate and blood pressure, rapid breathing, suppression of the immune system, lack of sleep, and increased production of cortisol. When you are young, this isn’t as dangerous as when you are in your retirement days.

Therefore, giving your best to lead a stress-free life as a senior is essential. Other than the daily stressors, which are all around, money issues can also trigger stress. However, there’s a way to cover all the basic expenses and still have some money left over for a bit of luxury.

What are some good personal finance options for seniors?

A great way to ensure you have enough money to live out your twilight years in comfort and cross a few items off your bucket list is to get a reverse mortgage. According to  ,  it’s essentially a loan that allows homeowners to get money through their home security, and it has some pros and cons.

First, you take out a loan for a reverse mortgage, but your home still preserves your name as its title. However, unlike a traditional mortgage, where you have to make monthly payments, a reverse mortgage doesn’t require monthly payments.

Only when you are no longer a resident of that home will the loan be repaid. The balance grows as fees and interest are added monthly to the loan and you are required to pay homeowners insurance and property taxes. The amount of money that the homeowner owes to the lender won’t grow over time.

When you decide to move out or sell your home, or if you should pass away, your mortgage loan is due. Until then, as a retired senior, you can enjoy your retirement days and choose the best gifts for your grandchildren, or read books and watch your favorite shows carefree.


As you can see, retirement doesn’t have to mean the fun is over. Hopefully some of the ideas listed can help you find new ways to have fun, even though you may not be as spry as you once were. Yes, lack of mobility can be challenging, but there are many things you can do around the home and yard.

Exercise, read books, bake cookies, have relatives come over, watch educational shows, and make your old days feel like a carefree walk in the park.

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