How to Decorate a Rental Without Destroying it

After the long search of looking for , it’s a great feeling when you finally find your perfect rental and sign the documents, and now it’s essentially yours until your lease is over. Of course, the first thoughts that come to mind are how you want to decorate it and make it your personal style. Choosing what colors you want throughout your space and whether your guitar or plant collection will go in the bedroom or living room are fun decisions to make when you first move in.

Of course you’ll want to cover the neutral-colored walls with prints and photos, but hammering nails in the wall is most likely going to end up in deducting money from your security deposit to cover them up. Here’s how you can get around damaging your rental while still making it look amazing.

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Take Advantage of Command Strips

These little hooks are amazing inventions, hanging the smallest pair of keys to the largest framed wall decor. They come in a range of sizes on what they can hold, so pay attention to that as you pick out wall decor. Aside from plain hooks, command strips even make wall hangers for towels and bags if you need a place for those necessities in your bathroom or entryway.

When you’re ready to remove, just hold on to and press the hook hard into the wall, and pull down the tab. It will come off clean without taking drywall and paint off the wall!


Tall, vertical mirrors or circular mirrors that hang on the wall (using the command strips, of course), are a great way to make a small space feel bigger. There are three places where mirrors come in handy: Above a couch to make the living area feel larger, at the end of a hallway to make it seem lengthier, or above a short dresser for a trendy decor piece, or functionality to check on your outfit.

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Go Plant Crazy

If you’ve been doing any rental home decor research, you’ll notice that there’s plants, EVERYWHERE. Besides putting ferns and succulents on coffee tables and your kitchen island, add them to a planter or large pot to be placed on the floor and add some life to a boring corner. Fiddle leaf fig trees make a great addition to a well-lit living room or bedroom and look amazing in a corner or next to your bed. They also add height to a room, making the space feel a bit larger.

Add Accent Pieces

Choose your couch pillows and bedroom bedding wisely; as these are easy places where bright colors or accent pieces can do a lot for your rental. Add pillows with a pop of color and a pretty throw blanket draped over your couch for a cozy and welcoming look. For your bed, have at least four pillows layered on the headboard and mix up the colors, as well as the comforter.

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