Meaningful Gift Ideas for Kids

When deciding on gifts for our kids, we often focus on candy and toys, scouring for the latest trends, and searching for as each year ticks by.

I’m not saying that trendy toys and delicious candy aren’t great gifts for kids, but sometimes we want to add something a bit more special to the pile of birthday or Christmas gifts. So I’ve put together some meaningful gift ideas for kids that you can draw some inspiration from.

  1. A personalized book

Nowadays, there are lots of services offering personalized books as gifts for kids. These books might have an illustrated version of your kid or kids that will go on adventures. It can also include your entire family – something that is sure to excite young kids.

The wonderful thing about a personalized book is not only can it become a regular bedtime story, but it will also be treasured by your kid long afterwards. A personalized book can be treasured for life as a special gift and memory for both you and your child.

  1. Buy them a subscription service

A subscription service is a gift that keeps on giving. This could be a monthly box, such as the ideas listed in , including a kid’s cooking or craft kit. Or it could be a subscription to a streaming service like Disney Plus or Netflix.

Not only do these gifts have a longer lifespan than candy, but they are also memory-makers for you and your family. Whether it’s a monthly crafts night or a new TV series, buying your kids a subscription service will offer plenty of future opportunities to spend time together.

  1. Gift them a day out

They say memories last a lifetime. It’s a cliché but it’s true! If you’re looking for meaningful gifts for your kids, buying them something you can all experience together will have a longer impact than other gifts.

There are lots of fun ways you can treat your kids to a special day out. You could buy them passes for a trampoline park, tickets for a safari, or take them paintballing for the day. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and save them for the final gift idea in this post.

  1. Craft a photo album together

Nowadays, we rarely print off photos. Instead, we store them on our smartphones and sometimes never look at them again.

I have memories growing up of looking through the vacation pictures after picking them up from the store and making collages from our favorite family photos. If you want to create a meaningful experience for your kid’s birthday or Christmas, why not print off your favorite pictures of them from over the years and pick up a scrapbook.

On the day, you can enjoy seeing all the photos of your experiences together whilst creating a family photo album for you all to treasures.

There are lots of ways we can make gifts extra special. Whilst you can’t go wrong with toys and candy, treating your kids to a day out or with a personalized gift is a meaningful way to show them you care on their birthday and at Christmas. And the best thing about these gifts is that they can create memorable experiences for you and your family.

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