Key Ring the Must Have App for Loyalty Cards and Shopping

I love saving money when I shop but in the past stayed away from places that required you to use a loyalty card to get the best prices or discounts.  Why?  Because I was always leaving them in my “other” wallet or purse, didn’t have my keys on me for the key ring size or just plain out lost or misplaced the card.  It makes sense for the store to offer their repeat customers savings but for me it was just a hassle.  Until I started using Key Ring a few years ago that is.  It’s a must have smart phone app for loyalty cards and shopping and while I may misplace or forget other items at home…I ALWAYS have my phone with me 😉
What the Key Ring app will do for you is help you to keep all your loyalty card numbers handy in one place, allow you to write and share shopping lists using local weekly flyers to help you plan and show you coupons and deals for stores and services where you are located.

Store all your Loyalty Cards in one place

While I use all the functions of this app the one I like the most is the Loyalty Card feature.  If you have a card for just about anything that has a number or bar code on it, Key Ring can store it for you.  I add my loyalty cards, my library cards, my gift cards, all of them on to the app so even if I lose the physical one..I have my number 🙂  What’s super handy about it is that you can set up an account and log in to it, so all those items stay in “the app.”  That means if you switch phones…you still have all the info and you don’t have to reload each one. <– LOVE that!Just present your phone to the cashier and they’ll be able to scan the bar code (*tip: make sure your screen is at its brightest setting, that really helps!) or punch the card number in manually so you can earn your savings and any rewards you are due.

Key Ring offers you money saving coupons

If you’re looking for a coupon or special offer when you’re shopping, check your Key Ring app!  With over 67,000 coupons at your disposal from more than 13,000 retailers & services chances are good you might find one you can use 🙂  They are sorted by categories so it’s easier to navigate directly to the type you’re looking for.

Join even more programs

If you want to add even more loyalty and rewards cards to your arsenal you can do that right from the Key Ring app.  Many of them give you an offer for signing up so if you’re at the mall and are buying something at that store anyway it’s easy and a great time to take advantage of that feature.

All your weekly circulars at the touch of your screen

My kitchen table seems to multiply with weekly circulars.  Some come on Wednesday, some on Saturday, then there are the ad pages and the ones I pick up in stores.  It’s SO much easier to just look at the store flyers right in the Key Ring app.  There are over 150 retailers circulars that you can peruse.  I think that’s great because there are plenty of them that I don’t receive in my mailbox and others that I just plain forget to look at online.  This way I can compare what Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Staples, Big Lots! and so many more stores all have for sale in a given week and I don’t have to shuffle all the papers on my table around.  They go right into my recycling bin.

Make a shopping list

Plus right from those store circulars you can pin the items you need and want to buy to a shopping list.  No more forgetting that at home either!  It’s a great feature at Christmas time too when compiling wish lists for gifts, you can even share your lists with other people!
There’s a reason I’ve been using this app for so many years, and it’s because it’s so functional.  I’d use it only for the loyalty cards, but it provides so much more to me besides that.  If you haven’t tried out Key Ring yet go ahead and download it FOR FREE over at  Hopefully you’ll find it as useful as I do 🙂

I received a gift card to thank me for posting this information for you.

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63 thoughts on “Key Ring the Must Have App for Loyalty Cards and Shopping

  1. To have everything in one place is nice. To be honest I do not have a Smart Phone and this would not work for me. I still use a flip cell. It serves only as a phone but I can see how this would benefit others.

    1. It really is handy for those of us that have the upgraded technology. My mom still doesn’t even carry a cell phone 🙂 So I think a flip phone for calling works just fine!

  2. I got the app! I love being able to just bring my phone to the store instead of a massive key ring with all my loyalty cards! Plus no forgetting the cards like I usually do since my phone is with me at all times! I like being able to click on my favorite stores and see the deals and coupons right there on the screen!

  3. I like that everything is in one place. I am always searching for my cards and I don’t like all those tags on my key chain.

  4. I love being able to put almost everything in my phone. It’s less of a chance of it getting lost or stolen.

  5. I love being able to just bring my phone to the store instead of a massive key ring with all my loyalty cards!

  6. I need this for all of my grocery gift cards. I always lose them and miss all those savings!

  7. I downloaded the program to my phone. I don’t think that I would add my reward cards to my phone but I would use it for the offers. I just saw one coupon for $3.50 off of $10 at Ulta that I would use. I would have to check out some more offers in different areas that I shop.

  8. I love having everything in one place and I love having coupons on my phone. Very convenient app!

  9. I like keeping all my cards in one place and I like that you can discover new deals in your area!!

  10. I like having all the ads in one place and not a bunch of paper. The coupons are great too!

  11. I would probably use the coupons most but I love the feature of saving rewards cards. I have so many in my wallet all the time.

  12. Wow, I’ve mostly stopped using coupons because of the inconvenience but this would help me start up again. I could use the savings!

  13. I love how it stores all those cards. They are so annoying yet you want them to earn free stuff. Great idea!

  14. I’d love to always have my store cards on me and not have to bring my massive keyring with me!

  15. I like that I can keep all my loyalty cards in one place. It would free up tons of space in my wallet.

  16. I love that you can Create and customize shopping lists to take with you on the go.

  17. Deals and coupons from nearby retailers are organized by category and always conveniently available, making it easy for you to save money on the go.

    I love deals and coupons!

  18. Oh my favorite would be having all my reward cards in one place! I dont know how many times I have to search for mine….seems them always land in the wrong place when I put them back!

  19. I would love to have my loyalty cards all in one place. So many cards. Sigh. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  20. I would love to have all my cards with me, since I always carry my phone with me anyway.

  21. I never leave home without my phone but my cards, well, that’s another story!! Love that this gives me peace of mind!

  22. I love How you can have all your store cards and not have a huge jumble of them on your key chain. I also love the coupons available on the app

  23. How is it possible that I haven’t heard of this app?! I have literally 10 different loyalty cards and some of them I can’t even find. I lose the little ones on my key ring, so then I end up having to do a phone number look up in store every time. This is so awesome because I always know where my phone is and everything is all right in the app! Very cool!

  24. All the features look great. Too bad I don’t have a smartphone to use it with.
    Thanks for the contest.

  25. I would most use the shopping list feature. It is also nice that you can take a picture of an item and share with others to show on sale items.

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