Pinterest Inspired Bud Vase – A Simple DIY Craft

Vinyl embellishments on a bud vase makes a simple DIY project.Dress up a simple bud vase with some vinyl embellishmentsDress up a simple bud vase with vinyl embellishmentsHere comes a project that was inspired from a DIY painted vase that I had pinned on Pinterest. I picked up a few of these bud vases on clearance from Michaels for 80¢ a piece.   I have always admired the look of the milk glass and these were already frosted for me (I love it when I can cut corners!).

While the original inspiration pin used paint to make the patterns I personalized mine with vinyl that I cut out using my Silhouette Cameo machine and a pattern from the Silhouette Design store.  The words I traced from some an online graphic in the Silhouette design program and then also cut out on vinyl.  Then I transferred the vinyl using contact paper.

In my photo of the vinyl pieces after I cut and weeded them, you can see some fabulous DIY failures.  You’ll notice it was all one piece.  Yeah, that didn’t go so hot when I tried to apply the vinyl.  Bubbles and creases in the vinyl, and I couldn’t lay it on the vase surface evenly.  So I ended up re-cutting the bronze piece and cutting the triangles apart and applying them separately.  That turned out much better.  You’ll also notice the strange ‘dot’ on my ‘i’ in ‘live’.  That’s because I lost my dot when I was weeding (removing the excess vinyl).  Then I tried to make my own dot.  It didn’t look great, so I ended up leaving it off the word all together.  My i in live is ‘dotless’, but I guess that’s what makes personal crafting so personal, the little imperfections is sometimes what gives the DIY craft its beauty.So here’s the thing, you don’t have to have a Silhouette machine to do this craft.  For this project, you could do the same thing with acrylic paint and stickers.  Either find a stencil or freehand paint the pattern on, let it dry, and repeat another coat if necessary.  Then add the sticker words.Vinyl Embellishments on a bud vaseLive Lough Laugh embellishment on a bud vaseIf you happen to be inspired by this post and embellish a bud vase yourself with either cut vinyl or paint and stickers, let me know!  If you’re interested in the Silhouette die-cut machine you can learn more about it on, just letting you know that is an affiliate link so if you purchase something I might make some money.  This would be a great craft to do with your children for special moms in their lives this Mother’s Day.  Moms, grandmas, aunts or caregivers would probably love a rose or carnation or two in a bud vase decorated especially for them!
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9 thoughts on “Pinterest Inspired Bud Vase – A Simple DIY Craft

  1. This is so neat! I’ve always wanted to get more city with home decor. This definite would make a wonderful gift too? Yours came out so pretty!

  2. Oops, typo…. I meant “crafty”. 🙂 and definitely. Autocorrect doesn’t like me today!

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