Kaplan Test Prep SAT Course Review Part 3 ~ Practice Tests

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After you’ve begun studying Kaplan’s methods for solving test questions, you may wonder if you can test these skills before the real test day. Well not to worry! Kaplan has you covered there too, with four different practice SAT tests. Spacing these practice tests out during the time you plan to study is a surefire way to see if your methods and answers have improved!

Each test is able to be printed out (though it will take a lot of paper and ink), and includes everything from the questions to the answer documents. So whenever you’re ready to try your new skills, set aside a few hours and pull out a timer and see what you can do.

When you finish, instead of grading the test yourself (like you have to do with most practice books), you can input all of your answers on the Kaptest site, and they’ll all be graded. That’s right, even your essay will be scored and marked! This process takes a few days, so check back to see if your answers have been posted yet. If they have, you’ll be able to see your overall scores and the score you received in each individual section (math, reading, and writing).

Along with that, you can also see what kinds of questions you got right and wrong. All of these handy statistics can help you plan what to study for next so that you’ll be perfectly prepared when test day rolls around!

Does it work?  Well it has for me.  I started with a 1730 on the first test, scored 1910 on the second, and this past week I wrote the third one and received a 2110.  Lucky?  I don’t think so, the Kaplan Test Prep SAT Course is definitely making a difference.  Each time I write a test I feel more confident that I know the work presented, and it gives me a goal to exceed for the next one.

* We received complimentary enrollment into the Kaplan Test Prep SAT On Demand Course for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are our own.

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