Kaplan Test Prep SAT Course Review Part 1 – Cool Rewards Program

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Since many of my readers’ kids may be planning to spend at least part of the summer preparing for the SAT, Amber and I are going to review Kaplan Test Prep’s SAT course for you.

There are two ways that one can take a SAT Prep Course through Kaplan online:

1. Our Classroom Anywhere – which are virtual classrooms, that allow students to participate in lessons real-time, with live video instruction and teaching assistants. Much like a physical classroom setting.

2. On Demand – this course allows students to go at their own pace and on their own schedule with a personalized path through the curriculum.

Both courses use Kaplan’s Smart Track system which analyzes student performance and prescribes a customized learning plan. The courses integrate focused content review, test-taking strategies, and the practice students need to achieve their target score. If your student will be taking the ACT rather than the SAT, Kaplan offers the same type of courses for that test as well.

Amber’s using the SAT On Demand course for the review. She just started middle of May so this is her first impression of the program based on the start up. We’ll update it every couple of weeks to let you know how she’s doing and more info on the Kaplan Test Prep.


Kaplan’s SAT prep program is an extremely helpful course for anyone who wants to master the tricky questions that appear on the SAT and PSAT. However, before you even begin learning, it’s good to know all of the incentives you’ll get to do your best.

The Kaplan test prep has a cool rewards program to get you excited to learn. Every practice SAT test you do and every quiz you master will give you credits that you can spend in the Honors and Extras section. These credits are the currency for a number of things, including buying clothing and accessories to personalize your Kaptest avatar. But if that doesn’t appeal to you, you can also use the credits to buy entries into sweepstakes and bid on auctions to get cool items like gift cards, games, and movies.

The third option is by far my most favorite, and the most awesome. Your credits can also go towards different charities to help them out. There’s everything from helping with disaster reliefs, to getting food and water to people who need it, to preventing animal cruelty, and to supporting education. I chose to donate my credits to Wounded Warriors, Souls for Soles, Disaster Relief in Japan and Tennesee…all sorts of different stuff – it makes me feel great that I can learn and give back! Thanks Kaplan for that option.

Everything you do during your prep, whether it be finishing quizzes, spending your credits, or completing tests, will inevitably earn you badges. These badges (along with other activities) will earn you experience for your avatar, who can level up!

All in all, for those of you who may be dreading the hours of practice you need to do to achieve your target SAT score there’s a lot of rewards that might just be the push you need to enjoy it!

Tune in for my next post to see how I’m progressing within the Kaplan Test Prep SAT On Demand course!

* We received complimentary enrollment into the Kaplan Test Prep SAT On Demand Course for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are our own.

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