Keep Your Kids and House Germ-Free this Summer with New Antibacterial Pledge! Give Away

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Since summer is finally right around the corner, kids will be outside playing all day – being kids essentially! But among the dirt and grime they bring back inside, some germs may hitch a ride!

Pledge® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner is the first antibacterial product that kills 99.9 percent of germs including bacteria like staph, E.-coli and salmonella and viruses like influenza (the Flu) when used according to directions. It can help you clean a bunch of surfaces without worrying about ruining them and leaves behind that beautiful shine that families know and trust from Pledge®.

Pledge® Multi-Surface Antibacterial Cleaner can be used to disinfect and clean a variety of household hard surfaces, including:

I’m kind of a clean freak, and an excuse to use a new cleaning product is always welcome in my home. Germs not so much.

So armed with the Pledge Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner I was on a mission to eradicate any stray dust and germs that got left behind on my last cleaning jaunt.

And it came with me, and got sprayed, in every room. My bathroom counters, my bedroom furniture, my stainless steel oven door, you name it – I sprayed it, let it sit to disinfect and then wiped it clean.

The container sprays in a nice wide arc covering a large surface area. And my nose thanks the product too as it has a clean scent to it, but it isn’t overpowering like some cleaners tend to be.

To help spread the word about the disinfecting power of Pledge Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner, SC Johnson has partnered with Holly Homer, the founder of Together, Homer and the makers of Pledge are “daring moms to disinfect” and use Pledge Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner on many of their hard household surfaces.

Germ-fighting Tips:
This summer, in addition to making sure her boys are constantly washing their hands, Homer follows these other tips to protect her family from germs:
• Ensure that sponges and rags are dried out thoroughly and replaced on a regular basis.
• Regularly change air filters when they become full so germs aren’t circulating through the home.
• Use Pledge Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner on finished wood, glass, electronics, stainless steel, sealed granite and metal, because it cleans, disinfects and is one of the more versatile home cleaning products.
• Don’t forget to tackle germ hot-spots such as door knobs, remote controls, keyboards and toys.

Pledge Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner is available in the cleaning aisle of mass merchandise stores such as Target and Walmart as well as food and drug stores.  The msrp is $3.99.  For more information on the entire lineup of Pledge products, please visit

* I received media samples of the above product. All opinions are my own.

One reader will win a cleaning caddy complete with gloves, a dusting cloth and a can of Pledge Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner.

To enter the giveaway let me know in the form below what area in your home would benefit the most from the new Pledge Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner.

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