Join Trident Gum in Making Music History with DJ Steve Aoki & Duran Duran

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Having launched last month with the start of their “See What Unfolds Live” event series, the #1 gum brand in the world made music history when 3,000 people in NYC got in on the fun and witnessed a live performance between DJ Steve Aoki and Duran Duran. With the release of a special remix of “Hungry Like the Wolf,” Trident launched a music video competition on enlisting its users to create their own music video for the new track.

Starting today, the public can join in on the fun by voting for their favorite video at to be the official music video of the collaboration. With $20,000 in total at stake for the finalists, it’s no light decision!

Have some fun, watch the videos and vote for your favorite. You have until July 26th to do so. The winner will be announced July 29th.

Value and/or content provided by our partner Trident’s See What Unfolds. All opinions are my own.

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