It Only Took a Year But I Finally Updated My Sofa!

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I was looking through my blog archives last night, and I realized that exactly a year ago I wrote a post about wanting to update our living room sofa.

Modern Leather Sofas are something my sister purchased for her brand new home last fall.  I had green envy in my eyes.  Sleek, chocolate brown leather sofas that were arranged so perfectly in her living room.  I wanted them!

This is the sort of leather sectional couches we had in OUR living room.

Big, and puffy and with a pullout bed we never used.  When we bought it I asked the salesman if it was suede leather.  He said “No, it’s microfiber”.  Great I thought!  I certainly didn’t want a suede couch.  Only to find out when our basement flooded and the couch needed to be cleaned that it WAS suede.  OY!

So after months, and months, and months of looking at living room sofa sets, we finally found a a sofa and two chairs that both Hubby and I could agree on.  It’s kind of funny that I found the old post a year later!

Not quite as sleek as my sister’s, but still much more modern than our previous sectional.  Hubby wasn’t completely convinced about them when we first bought the set, but now he loves ‘his’ chair, and don’t you try and sit in it! 

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