Stuck for a Father’s Day Gift? Check Red Envelope!

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Back in February I did a review of Red Envelope for Valentine’s Day.  I got a great assortment of items for my family from dessert plates to pajamas.  It’s a site I love to browse and make a wish list for, because they have all those things you’d never go out and buy yourself.

Which is exactly why Red Envelope is a great place to look for Memorable Father’s Day Gifts.  They have some really Unique Ideas for Dad including trunk organizers, picture frames, or how about a personalized pitcher and glasses for his man cave?

I found an amazing set of Men’s Acorn Spa Slippers for my husband there.  I say amazing because my husband while he always complains about cold feet will never wear slippers, but these he loves!  I got him these slippers from Red Envelope in gray and had them personalized with an embroidered “L” (the first letter of our last name) hoping that he’d at least try them on to please me and then learn to like them.  I chose them because the reviews on the site had nothing but praise for them.  (Which is another reason I love Red Envelope, the reviews are from real people and they tell it like it is, whether the product is as described, etc.)

He said they’re cozy, comfy and feel good on his feet, and he WILL wear them!  Hooray, score one for me!

Father’s Day is June 19, 2011 so you have about 3 weeks to get a gift for your dad, grandpa, husband, significant other or whomever else you shop for on that day.  I suggest you start looking now (!) – but that’s yet another good thing about Red Envelope, they have fast shipping with options to choose from so you need not worry about Dad not having a gift come that Sunday morning, even if you are a procrastinator!

Besides their main website, you can also connect with Red Envelope on Facebook where when you ‘like’ them, you’ll receive 20% off on your next purchase.  Red Envelope…celebrate the joy of giving.

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