Introducing Craft Coffee’s new Coffee DNA Project™

Craft Coffee has recently launched the Coffee DNA Project™ — a revolutionary customized coffee subscription service powered by your taste buds. 

Through extensive research, science, and technology, Craft Coffee found that when it comes to coffee, people want two things – experience and convenience. With just a 30 second survey about your coffee preferences and habits, they deliver hand-roasted coffees right to your doorstep on your schedule. Great for coffee drinkers who simply need a pick me up to those who love to savor it, Craft Coffee offers freshly roasted coffees that are guaranteed to fit your personal price range and preferential coffee treatment. Craft Coffee also stands out as the only service on the market that tailors their coffee services to each drinker individually, and boasts a convenient delivery schedule that arrives whenever you need it there.

So you all know that coffee is an integral part of my day.  I’ll honestly say I have no loyalty to any one brand, brew or roast, because I like a myriad of flavors and kinds – that being said I do have ‘favorites,’ which tend to be medium roasts and flavored blends. 

Using that taste palate Craft Coffee sent me three bags of coffee from roasters located in different areas of the country.  It was kind of like getting a coffee buffet sent right to my door.  I can’t explain in words how wonderful the box smelled when I first opened it.  You could defnintely tell the coffee that was sent was fresh.

The quality of the three blends I received was fantastic.  Every cup I brewed, from the first time I opened each bag (and I’ll note that the bags are reseable with a seal type closure, a HUGE plus when it comes to coffee storage), was consistently delicious.

I received media samples of Craft Coffee for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own.

I am so glad I have found a way to get coffee from stellar roasters that I would otherwise not know about.  It’s a great way to experiment with other flavors and blends as well.  One really neat thing about their service is that if you find a roaster and blend that you just can’t get enough of… you can buy more of it direct from

Craft Coffee also has Gift Subscriptions which would make a great gift for a coffee lover for the holidays.  Speaking as one…. I would LOVE to find this under my tree!

Interested in trying Craft Coffee out?  You can use the discount code “DIRECTIONS10” for an exclusive 10% off your personal Craft Coffee subscription.

15 thoughts on “Introducing Craft Coffee’s new Coffee DNA Project™

  1. Is it wrong to gift yourself? I'd totally buy this (for myself) for Christmas, and enjoy every sip during the holidays. Hey, I'm a true coffee addict, and I admit I'm addicted.

  2. I love the idea of personalizing coffee to fit your particular tastes. This looks like a wonderful service. I love coffee.

  3. This reminds me of the Gevalia program. This is a more reasonable price though. I think this would be well worth trying for sure. My husband loves to brew his coffee and have more than one cup at a time.

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