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The fall usually brings me to a place where I start to look for extra ways to save and make money…because the holidays are coming y’all!  I plug away at various online programs where I get rewarded for clicking links, taking surveys, watching videos and completing offers, and I just learned of an app like that called Instant Rewards.

After you fill out an easy registration (nothing more really than your name, e-mail and a password), you can complete ‘tasks’ for various amounts of credits.  Each 100 credits earns you $1.00.  When you reach 750 credits you can cash out via Paypal or Amazon Gift Cards.

The tasks can include posting a photo on Instagram, sending out a Tweet, signing up for a service like or downloading apps.  Once you complete the task you take a screenshot and add it by clicking on the camera icon to claim the reward. 



You can also use your given bonus code as a referral, and when your friends or family sign up and they enter that code, you can get additional credits.  Then you’ll earn 10% of all the credits they earn.  That’s a pretty great way to earn some passive income!


You won’t get rich using this app, but if you plug away at it you’ll be able to accrue a few dollars here and there.  Added all together when I use programs and apps like this throughout the year when the holidays roll around I can add some extra $$ to my Paypal account to help with the Christmas shopping 🙂

Instant Rewards is available on the iTunes app store and is free to download.

6 thoughts on “Instant Rewards iOS App

  1. Every little bit helps, thanks for sharing! I'm always on the lookout for ways to add some extra cash to my Holiday gift fund.

  2. I'd never heard of this before but I'm downloading it as soon as I submit this comment! Anything to earn a couple extra dollars here and there!

  3. Who couldn't use some extra funds? This sounds like a great way to score some holiday cash and I love that you can earn even more money through referrals.

  4. Just got it and I am at $1.14 and had it for an hour but I didn't use referral code, I wish I had because it would have gave me a head start. If you want a head start and not make the same mistake I did use this code: Ap1NQQtZ2fX8B

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