Review of Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season Tires

Back in June you might remember that I posted some information about Goodyear’s all-season model of their Eagle Sport tires.  Well we also recieved a set to review for my husband’s VW Jetta.  We’ve had them on his car for a few weeks now and I wanted to share with you all how they are performing.

Unfortunately we haven’t yet been able to test the tires under wet conditions here, as rain in North Texas has not been much of a weather occassion lately 😉

One of the unique features of the Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season Tires is the asymmetric tread design that has full-depth sipes that offer biting edges as the tire wears.  A rim protector feature also helps to protect wheels against accidental curb damage.  That is something I really appreciate, because I’ve been known to drive a little close to a curb now and again… 😉

With a few weeks of both city and highway driving, they are noticeably quieter without the ‘noise’ that his old tires produced while driving.  The handling on both the front and the back end is almost equal (at least on dry roads).  And although it’s a little too early to tell, we also think that we are getting better gas mileage with the Goodyear Eagle All-Season Tires than we did previously.

So far, we like how the Eagle Sport All-Season tires perform in the conditions we’ve been driving them in.  The real test will come if North Texas has significant rain or even some ice like we did last year this winter, to see how they grip the road in inclement weather.   If you’re looking to replace your tires with ones that have better traction on wet, icy or snow covered roads, you may want to consider these Goodyear tires.

Besides the assymetric tread and the rim protector here are a few other reasons why:

* The Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tire features responsive handling and confident all-season traction.

* This new high-performance tire also carries a 50,000-mile tread life limited warranty.

* In the tire, an innovative tread compound offers outstanding wet and dry performance, with enhanced grip in ice and snow. The use of silica in the rubber compound of the tread helps to improve treadwear and all-season traction.

The Goodyear tires, information, and gift card have been provided by Goodyear.

To learn more about the Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tires visit

13 thoughts on “Review of Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season Tires

  1. I'm all for all-season tires. They helped me up north and they make a huge difference when we get those ice and snow storms down here. If I replace mine, I'll look for these as an option!

  2. These sound like they'll come in handy when North Texas decides to unexpectedly dump icy weather on us. Good tires are a must here in the winter!

  3. There's nothing more beautiful than some shiny new tires. Our tires aren't in terrible shape but we could sure use some all-season tires though.

  4. Nice. My husband got new tires just a few months ago. Now I am going to need some soon. I really notice mine create a lot of noise, I'd love to see if these can help with that.

  5. Those look like and sounds like good tires. Looks to have a good amount of tread as well! With Fall right around the corner having good tires for the snow and ice is so important.

  6. Good tires are so important for overall safety. It rarely rains here in Las Vegas, but when it does the roads become horribly slick with old oil. All weather tires would be awesome!

  7. I just purchased new Goodyear Tires, and I've been so pleased with how they are performing so far. And considering my old tires were bare, I'm noticing a big change in the drive.

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