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More often than not, when girlfriends need to get together for coffee, it’s not just to put caffeine in their blood stream but usually because they need to share something that’s on their hearts or minds.  If you are a true lover of coffee, Coffee is not just a word, it may represent the development of friendships, the sharing of dialogue, or the inspiration to be creative.

I recently put up a post talking about how I host ‘kaffeklatsch‘ in my home on a semi-regular basis.  To get you up to speed if you don’t have time to read that post, ‘kaffeklatsch’ is a time of coffee and socializing.  Meeting at a coffee shop every time can get pricey and so with my grand collection of coffee paraphernalia, flavors and machines, I open up my home for everyone to meet here.Letterpress BlocksI will never claim to have all the dust off the ledges or that my home is of the latest design, but I found the perfect way to appreciate just what the word “Coffee” means to my friends and I when they come over to my home.  Thanks to Dayspring, I had the chance to order some (in)courage Letterpress Blocks, at no cost to myself.    The large metal letters on the slightly variegated wood gives it a distinct aesthetic that somehow just defines the word in its space.The whole concept of letterpress blocks back in the day, was that the raised letters were inked and pressed against a sheet of paper to create an impression.  And while you aren’t printing anything with these (in)courage blocks, they certainly do make an impression.

There are a variety of words already available for purchase at DaySpring.com for you to choose from. You can choose a word from this selection, add to cart, then purchase. Or, you can create your own word!

To create your own word, visit their Letterpress Blocks Interface and design the word of your choice by selecting letters and numbers in various sizes.

Once you have your individual blocks ordered (or the preselected word or phrase) they are going to come to you disassembled.  This is how they come together:

Using the supplied clips, you attach the blocks together, and this is how you make the display of your word creative and unique.  Keep them flush like I did to set them on a shelf.  Or stagger them for if you’re going to hang them on a wall.  You can change and rearrange each letter until you feel the shape is perfect.These beautiful vintage/modern wood type blocks happen to match the décor of my built-in coffee bar perfectly. The word art of  ‘Coffee’ is a welcoming beacon to the friends and family to rummage around my coffee bar and make themselves at home, while they brew a mug.  It’s a word that defines my mornings.  With my Bible, Prayer and Coffee my days just naturally start out better 🙂  For me coffee is one part beverage…one part motivator 😉  #WordsMatterAre you inspired to make a word to reflect your home, family or something else important to you?  Then take advantage of this 20% off coupon towards a Letterpress Blocks Purchase. The coupon code is Love20 and expires on 12/31/2015.

If you could choose one word to build with Letterpress Blocks, what would you display?

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  1. I have those Letterpress Blocks from the same company. Mine say “Forgiven” and sit on a kitchen ledge. I often get compliments on it. I think it’s great that you open up your home for friends to have coffee and conversation.

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