Less is More: Quick and Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Minimalist Look

The concept of less being more in the world of interior design is becoming more and more popular these days. Because of its increasing popularity, you don’t have to look through tons of magazines or scour through tons of websites for inspiration. Homes with this type of design style often times look so clean and untouched that it can be hard to tell if it’s a home that’s lived in on a daily basis!

Five Must Have Minimalist Home Design Pieces

Minimalist design has become a true contemporary favorite, with many of this season’s trends drawing on the principles of minimalism. The attraction of minimalism in the 21st century is mainly down to its clean, fresh feel and lack of clutter, which contrasts to our stressful and busy lives. Having a sense of order and calm […]

Silk Plants Direct Review

Even though we’ve lived in our home here in Texas for 2 1/2 years now there is still so much I want to do to up the ante in our home décor.  Much of it is pricey and intensive, like painting cabinets and getting new flooring.  So for now I’m trying to add the touches […]

(in)courage Letterpress Blocks

Affiliate links are used in this post. More often than not, when girlfriends need to get together for coffee, it’s not just to put caffeine in their blood stream but usually because they need to share something that’s on their hearts or minds.  If you are a true lover of coffee, Coffee is not just […]

ProFlowers Brought Holiday Cheer to My Home’s Hearth

One of the reasons we love our family living area is because of the floor to ceiling brick fireplace.  And even though the fireplace itself doesn’t get much use because we live in Texas, it’s a architectual piece that anchors the room.  This is the fourth home we’ve lived in and the only other home that had a fireplace, it was in the basement which we never used.  Last year was the first Christmas in this home and I didn’t take advantage of decorating the hearth like I could have.  This year though, I went all out.