I’m Already Shopping the Post Christmas Sales!

This is a sponsored post.Well I’ve finished my shopping for my family for Christmas this year.  I did cut it down pretty close to the wire with one delivery coming late last week yet, but the gifts are all wrapped and ready for tomorrow.  Yes we open our gifts Christmas Eve, it’s a German tradition that both our families grew up with and really when you’ve always opened presents Christmas Eve, who wants to wait until Christmas Day?!  Well not us anyway…but I digress.

Inevitably there will be someone who didn’t know what to get me and I’ll get some money to buy what I want, and I always try and cash in on the post Christmas sales for that.  This year I’m going to check out Frugaa.com to see how I can get the most bang for my buck by using their Savings Calculator.

It’s a pretty neat little tool where you can select the category of shopping you’d like to do (electronics, home and garden, shoes, etc.) or type in the retailer name (Target, JCPenney, etc.) and you type in your budget.  The calculator then filters your options into results that will get you the best deals for the amount you have to spend.  With over 35,000 total active coupons, there’s a lot of savings to be had!

Frugaa also has a rewards program where you can earn points and then redeem.  Not a bad perk for buying things you were going to purchase anyway.

I’m on the hunt for a couple of different items at those post Christmas sales, kind of an eclectic mix too.  I have my eye out on stores like Michael’s for a Silhouette machine and since I can’t get enough to quell my Vera Bradley obsession, of course I’ll be looking for deals online for that store as well.

Besides saving money I also like being able to shop online so that I can do it wearing my pajamas with a cup of coffee in one hand in the comfort of my home!  No traffic to drive through or lines to stand in 🙂

What are you planning on picking up in the post holiday sales?  Have you ever visited Frugaa.com to see how you can save?

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