Review – SeaWorld® Kids iPad Apps

Here are a few fun apps for SeaWorld® Kids that I think your children or grandchildren will enjoy.  With the recent release of Penguins of Madagascar Movie and the new North Wind group that appeared in it, I bet a couple of them will really resonate with those kids that have seen the movie too.

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Penguin’s Playground by SeaWorld® Kids


Polar Bear Playground by SeaWorld® Kids


Baby Animals: Cute and Cuddly Animal Babies by SeaWorld® Kids

It’s pretty easy for kids to navigate through these apps by themselves, although for some of the activities you may want as a parent/grandparent to take part in the adventure as well.  There are three screens to swipe through to see everything available, and a simple tap on whatever box they want to explore will open that activity up.  Visually in the upper corner they can tell what kind of activity it is by the icon presented.

Each app consists of 18 units that have a selection of ways to engage.  There are games, puzzles, photo galleries, stories, coloring pages, and videos.

A star shows up on the puzzle piece when the child places it in the proper position.

Bindi Irwin (Steve Irwin’s daughter) is the host of one of the videos!

The stories can be listened to with a narrator reading the words and the child following along if they can read, or you can mute the sound and the child can read it themselves or someone can read it to them.

The game above is an example of how fun and learning are really combined in these apps.  The children have to tap the screen to make the sea turtle jump to swim over sentences that scroll across, that give all kinds of information about sea turtles.

There is a lot of educational content in these apps.  Many of them also can be adjusted to fit multiple ages.  For instance the puzzle game has four different skill levels and can be as few as 4 pieces to as many as 24 pieces.


The apps are free and you don’t have to register them, but you can register for a free account with SeaWorld® Kids to get refreshed content for your children customized for their ages.

Here’s a quick video of one of the apps, so you can get a better idea of what it contains and how you can use it with your children.

These apps are a great way to let kids have some fun and learn something about animals at the same time and are appropriate for a broad range of ages.  They would be a great supplement to homeschool curriculum as well if you are doing units on animals, or geographic regions where Polar Bears or Penguins are located.

Download Penguin’s Playground by SeaWorld® Kids, Polar Bear Playground by SeaWorld® Kids and Baby Animals: Cute and Cuddly Animal Babies by SeaWorld® Kids for FREE for iPad!

You can connect with SeaWorld® Kids online and on Facebook too.

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