Tres Leches Cherry Float

Okay one more mixology recipe with the Tres Leches vinoleche that I bought.  This one is a Cherry Float far more suitable for adults than the Chocolate Cherry Float I made earlier this month.

Out of the three drinks I made with the Tres Leches liqueur, (Tres Leches Peaches & Cream and Grown Up Mocha Leches Shake), I think this one was my favorite.  Pure sweetness with just that little ‘buzz’ that gives a mixed drink that ‘oomph’ you’re looking for.

Tres Leches Cherry Float

tres leches cherry float

2 oz. Wineheart Tres Leches
2 oz. 1% milk
1 scoop of light vanilla ice cream
Diet Cherry Vanilla Soda

Add the liqueur, milk and ice cream to a blender.  Blend until smooth.  Put ice in a tall glass.  Pour the mixture over the ice, add about 2 oz of the soda on top.

tres leches cherry float top

Mine is clear because I used Hansen’s soda which has no color, but if you’d add a soda that is red, it would give it a nice hint of coloring to the drink.

I still have some Tres Leches liqueur left…tell me what kind of drink mixology would you add it to?  Give me some more ideas!