Water Powered Flashlight – Hydralight

Ditch the batteries and charging, HydraLight is a rugged, durable water powered flashlight that works just like a traditional one.  

How does it work?  You just remove the revolutionary “hydra-Cell” fuel cell, and immerse it in water.

water powered flashlight

water powered flashlight

When water enters the fuel cell, it immediately begins to generate power.   Place the fuel cell back in the HydraLight, and you have a functional flashlight. water powered flashlight

But the HydraLight is more than just a flashlight.  By extending the barrel, it becomes a hands-free lantern that supplies light to the entire area.

water powered flashlight

Key features of HydraLight are:

  • The HydraLight can be switched on and off like a regular flashlight, and can run up to 100 continuous hours on a single water charge.
  • With a rubberized armor coating, the HydraLight is rugged, durable, and made to last.  It can safely be used in even the worst weather conditions.
  • With a handheld light, you need one hand to hold the light…but with the HydraLight, you now have both hands-free! 
  • It’s perfect for outdoor camping activities.  It can even hang inside your tent.  It’s perfect for your boat, or for anytime you need a hands-free light.
  • The HydraLight is the perfect long lasting light for emergencies of all kinds. 

This is a great item to have around the home, in your car or when you go camping as an emergency light.  It is admittedly not as bright as some of our battery powered flashlights but the whole point of a water powered flashlight, is that it doesn’t need batteries.  We walked around the house in the dark with it and it provides enough light to do the job and as a lantern it does cast more.

One thing to note is that you can use the fuel time 3x each for 100 hours and then you’ll have to replace the fuel cell and currently I don’t see an option on their website to purchase replacement cells.  Also be sure to read the fine print as you should with any product you purchase and use.

HydraLight is available in three different pricing options (additional options are available for more money):

  • 1 HydraLight: $29.95 + $6.95  SHIPPING & PROCESSING
  • 2 HydraLights: $26.95 EACH + $6.95  SHIPPING & PROCESSING
  • 3 HydraLights: $25.45 EACH + $6.95  SHIPPING & PROCESSING

You can find HydraLight here: https://www.hydralight.com/  Currently it is not available in stores.  You can still receive in time for Christmas with the following upgraded shipping options:  2nd Day Air:  Order by December 20th  —   Next Day:  Order by December 21st.

8 thoughts on “Water Powered Flashlight – Hydralight

  1. Thanks for sharing about this product. I bet it’s useful for so many things. Keep sharing about products like this, a lot of times blogs are where I find out about new things like this flashlight.

  2. It’s always good to have a back up product for light that doesn’t use batteries. I bet this would have made a difference for a lot of families that dealt with the hurricanes this year.

  3. I can’t see this being very economical if you have to purchase the cells. Seems like if you keep plenty of batteries on hand or your phones charged you’d have light on hand for the average power outage. Let’s face it Hurricanes are the exception not the norm.

  4. I really appreciate your honesty in this review. These are probably pretty useful in emergency kits and I’m going to remember them for the future.

  5. been using mine for bout a year now and all of sudden stopped working I figure its the cell but I don t know where to get a cell didn t see it advertise on this site

    1. I don’t sell the item, I just reviewed it. So I don’t know where you’d get one. 3 years ago when I reviewed it they did not have an option to purchase just the cells as far as I know. I’d reach out to them directly via their website or other social channels.

  6. Bought it in 2018 stored it 4 years think it would be good to have in an emergency. Well we needed it in Hurricane Ian and of coarse it didn’t work! What good is an unreliable emergency light. I followed the instructions wetting the cell after I removed it from the original packaging. The LED produced a very dim 1 cp or less glow for less than an hour. Then died never to work again. No wonder it is no longer available.

  7. Mine seems to be working OK so far…..not as bright as battery-powered ones tend to be but enough light to do the job. Haven’t needed it yet in this mega blizzard but tested it out in case I do. But since the manufacturer website appears to be defunct this is likely to be my only HydraLight. A shame really….a water-powered flashlight is a good idea when you can’t get to the store easily to buy batteries.

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