Medieval Times Dallas has a Brand New Show!

Medieval Times Dallas has an all new show to experience and we were invited as guests of Her Majesty Dona Maria Isabella to see it last week. For the first time in the company’s 34 year history, a Queen is now in charge and sole ruler of the land! #LongMaySheReign

It was a remarkable VIP Influencer event that we were able to attend.  We were able to get up close and personal with the Queen herself and the Master of the Horse at the Dallas Castle, Javier. 

We even got to say hello to a couple of the horses in the show!

While this show will be in all the Medieval Castle locations (it was just introduced to the Chicago audience in December), they rolled it out to the Dallas Castle first in October, so we are some of the first people to see it!  If you are in one of the other 7 Medieval Times markets watch for the new show to come to your location within the next 9 to 12 months 🙂  

The new show continues to highlight all of the things you love about Medieval Times including of course the fresh, hot, four-course feast.

If you have seen the show in the past, there are a series of other significant changes to the show:

• More than 700 new costumes for all nine castles’ performers including horses, all of which are custom-designed and hand-made at a dedicated costume shop near Dallas Design District.

• 200 new suits of armor, shields, and helmets, all of which are custom-designed and hand-made at a dedicated armory in Florida. 

• More than 350 team members and 225 horses train and rehearse new lines and fight scenes for three months while still presenting the current show. 

• New music was composed by Dr. Daniel May, composer and jazz pianist who scored “Everest” and other films and who worked with Sting, The Moody Blues and others. He directed and recorded Medieval Times’ new show composition in Kiev with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. He directed the choir in Ukraine with lyrics written by poet and choir member Solomia Gorokhivska, and a solo cellist and violin player from Pittsburgh, PA.  

• The audience experiences a live action film score that is precisely synchronized with every element of the show, from lights to fights; jousts to jabs; the Queen’s entry to curtain closings; and more.

• The sound and light team spends 120 hours programming 300 new music cues and 500 new lighting cues. Several castles are installing and programming a new LED lighting system that offers 256 colors versus the old 14-color system. The system is powered by 10 miles of cable and an estimated million-dollar upgrade.

medieval times dallas

I’m a firm believer in “experience” gifts for Christmas – and Medieval Times Dallas is an experience enjoyed by the whole family!  There’s still time to grab some tickets and put them in the stockings or under the tree for your family this year.  It will be an evening that your entire family will remember for a long time.

Medieval Times Dallas Giveaway

I have a giveaway for one person who can visit the Medieval Times Dallas Castle location.  It includes 4 tickets to a Medieval Times dinner show (tickets expire 8/30/18 and have some exclusions on blackout dates). Giveaway will end January 5, 2018.  

To enter just leave a comment on this post letting me know would be most excited to attend the show, and then fill out the form below. 

18 thoughts on “Medieval Times Dallas has a Brand New Show!

  1. I love hearing this show revolves around a strong female character! How much fun. My daughter would love to go to a Medieval Times Show!

  2. My three younger kids would LOVE to attend. My twins had a field trip there one time and we thought it was so much fun!

  3. This would make an awesome birthday/Christmas present for my wee one. We’re most excited to see the red knight and we love their ‘baby dragons.’

  4. My kiddos would love to attend, my son is studying
    Knights this year… and would
    Use this as a fun aciticity/field trip for him!

  5. My girls would love this show, we did it with our 14 year old but our 8 year old has never been.

  6. Love the original show! Can’t wait to check out the updated version!

  7. My 2 Daughters loving dressing up as princesses and would love to go to a show and feel apart of it.

  8. What you’re saying is completely true, this show is great! I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that it’s a must do activity wherever there is a MT Castle to visit. I sure hope I win LOL! My son would love this.

  9. I love the updates and that they now have a Queen! I’d love to take my boys to see this!

  10. We’ve passed the castle several times and the kids think it looks so cool, and based on your review, I think they (and we) would love the show and dinner experience too!

  11. I have never been and I would love to take my son and daughter- in-law.

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