How to Find Your Perfect Fitting Jeans

This last week I was invited to the Dallas Lee Jeans Style Party at the NYLO in Plano, put on by Lee Jeans.  I was able to bring a guest along and so (I dragged) my husband accompanied me.  Really though, a date night out with food & drinks, the company of some of my favorite bloggers and where I could try on jeans, that’s kind of like a trifecta in my books!

Besides the yummy food and wine we got to partake in, the showcase was obviously the jeans.  Lee had set up a makeshift shop with racks of jeans in all sizes and styles, for both the gals and the guys in attendance.

We even had a Lee Jean expert to help us and she was really open to hearing what our issues were when going out and finding jeans to fit us. My husband’s are as simple as wanting back pockets that have a closure, and mine are that for me ‘petite’ is far shorter than a 29″ inseam.  After listening to what they were, and making suggestions, she got some jeans off the rack for us to try on and see what we thought of them.

My husband ended up finding out that he’s a size smaller in the waist and inseam than he thought, in the Lee Modern Series collection (what a boon, huh?!).  He ended up with a relaxed straight fit in a darker denim wash being ordered for him, which I’m really excited about.  It’s very outside of the box from what he usually wears which is earth tone cargo pants.  Even the larger size on him looked great, and with the dark denim it can be dressed up or down, and the relax fit will make him feel like he isn’t ‘squished’ into them.

I tried on a pair of the new Lee Curvy Fit pieces.

(the lighting and my camera phone made it challenging to take good pictures that evening!)

While they didn’t have my size, even with the larger size I tried on, I could tell that these jeans are made to fit a woman’s shape perfectly.  Because of my height and petiteness I generally need to buy my jeans in the girls department.  I can go into a juniors or women’s but then the waist is usually gaping on me and of course the inseam is way too long.  And I loved these.  They are so comfortable and the fabric stretches….but doesn’t stretch out, so they don’t lose their shape.  Can I hear an Amen?!

I can’t wait to get the pair ordered for me in my size.  The waist will fit without gaping in the back and I can either roll up the bottoms to have stylish cuffs (which are so in right now, lucky me!) or fold them under to create a polished look.  So no hemming for me!  Hooray! 

Check out this Style Advice from Lee® on how to find YOUR PERFECT FITTING JEANS

The new Lee Curvy Fit and Lee Easy Fit collections for women and Lee Modern Series for men are absolutely worth checking out.

14 thoughts on “How to Find Your Perfect Fitting Jeans

  1. I have a pair of Lee jeans (which I just forgot about until this second) that fit like a glove too. I need to get those back out. I'm not used to wearing jeans because that season is so short here. But it's time!

  2. Trying on jeans is worse than trying on bathing suits! I would love to have a pair that fit me perfectly.

  3. I would love to be fitted for the right pair of jeans. I often have a problem with the gap in the back because I have a big you know what ;). These look like something I should give a try.

  4. What a fun event! My problem is I have no butt so I have a hard time finding jeans that stay up over my tiny fanny! Haha

  5. Jean shopping is typically an all day thing for me. I tend to fall in the pear shape, but don't like skinny bootcuts. It sounds like this was a fun event for you!

  6. Oh this is fantastic! I dread being the friend who buys the mom jeans. Perhaps I need to print this out the next time I go jean shopping. 🙂

  7. My pair of perfect jeans are on their last leg and now too big and baggy for my body type. I definitely need to look into purchasing a few new pairs!

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