DIY Chalkboard Hydration Chart | Inspired by Crystal Light Drink Mixes

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Are you like me and find it difficult to get your suggested water intake each day?  I have no problems drinking my fair share of coffee or pop, but water… that’s a whole different story.  Adding Crystal Light drink mixes is an easy fix that makes water more flavorful, but for me if the packages are not front and center when I’m opening the fridge, I’ll reach for something else.  So, I solved that problem by making my own Chalkboard Hydration Chart, where I can track my water intake daily/weekly AND have the Crystal Light packets close at hand, so no excuses!

DIY Chalkboard Hydration Chart

Four 16 oz. water bottles with low calorie Crystal Light added to them, keeps me hydrated for the day.  With this chart on or near my fridge, I have the packets right there and I’m holding myself accountable to keeping track of how much water I drink each week.   Having the Crystal Light packets conveniently clipped on to the chart itself is wonderful!   I can mix up the flavors each day, and with buying Crystal Light I can earn rewards with  #PlatinumPoints.

The program is simple. Create an account with Platinum Points, buy participating CRYSTAL LIGHT products at Walmart stores, scan your receipt, and earn rewards points!  I found the Crystal Light products by the flavored water in our local store.


All purchases must be made by December 31, 2014, receipts submissions must be submitted by November 15, 2014, and points redemptions must be submitted by January 15, 2015. See Official Rules for details.  For more information on the Platinum Points program you can read this.

 And now this is how I am able to stay hydrated all day.

Do you want to know how you can make a Chalkboard Hydration Chart?  Then keep reading!

I started with a pre-made chalkboard memo board.  Mine had the rope hanger and the ledge on it already but you don’t really need to find one like that.  For hanging on the fridge you could glue magnet strips on the back and for storing the marker/chalk you could add a Velcro piece to the board and the side of a marker/chalk to keep it fastened to the board if it doesn’t have a ledge.

I added sticker tape at the top (the black strip with the stars) to cover up the pre-printed words “Memo Board” on the chalkboard.  If your chalkboard is completely blank you could add some sticker or washi tape to it just for decoration if you like.

The rest of the embellishments on the board are stickers as well.  I purchased the ‘water’ one in a package of labels and the days of the week ones came in a package together.

Using wood glue, adhere mini clothespins to the ledge or the bottom of the board.  Four fit nicely on the one I made, which was actually perfect since the Crystal Light packets are suitable for 16 oz to 20 oz of water, meaning 64 oz to 80 oz of water consumption a day.

Since I’ve had this Hydration Chart up in my kitchen, I’ve been doing much, much better at drinking water each day.  And it’s kind of fun deciding which four types of Crystal Light drink mixes I’m going to clip on before I go to bed each night to get ready for the next day.  At the end of the week I can just erase my tallies and start again with a fresh board. 

How do you make sure you consume enough water each day? Do you have any favorite Crystal Light drink mix flavors?

11 thoughts on “DIY Chalkboard Hydration Chart | Inspired by Crystal Light Drink Mixes

  1. This is such a neat idea Tammy! Why I have not thought of it….I don't know! I have not been drinking enough water lately, and have been have muscle cramps in my calves. I am pregnant too….so I really need to start drinking more than the couple glasses of ice water I have been. My grandma lives next door and she has some of the peach mango on hand so I am gonna snag a packet and see if I like the flavor….which I probably will since I love peach anything. Then I am headed to the store to see what I can find to create a board like this (and buy more crystal light!). This is even perfect for the kids too! I know my son who is 7 would be excited to track how much water he is drinking. He certainly is not taking in enough these days either. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!

  2. This is a really good idea! This would work for a child's weekly lunch money as well. Just add another clothes pin.

  3. What a fun idea! Usually when I drink water I like it plain but when I'm not drinking soda I usually want something other than just water so once in a while I will throw in some Crystal Light. I prefer the Pink Lemonade flavor.

  4. I am in love with this idea and need to make one immediately! It's great that you have pinned the Crystal Light packets there to keep motivated and on track. There are so many flavors I never get bored! #Client

  5. Drinking enough water is my problem too. We use Crystal Light now but want to try the one with caffeine.

  6. I know I am not at my water-drinking best. I used to get at least 64 ounces a day, but I'm slacking. This chalkboard is not only adorable, but would be really motivating to get me back where I need to be.

  7. Great idea! I think I drink a good amount of water, but still not as much as I should. This looks like a unique (and pretty) way of keeping track of intake.

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