How to be a Great Gift Giver

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Well it may be too late this year, but you can always learn for the next one right?! One of the best ways to give a gift that will elicit a genuine “thank you” from the recipient is to listen to your loved ones.

Did your tween daughter gush over a pair of earrings when she came back from the mall with her friends? Is your niece obsessed with Justin Bieber? Sometimes it’s just something that’s mentioned quickly in a conversation. Like this idea that my husband gave me for next year. See we currently live in a condominium building and so don’t need to do maintenance ourselves. Looking to our future move, we’ll likely be living in a house once again. In passing my husband mentioned that he’ll probably need more tools and a place to store them in. So I’ve already been researching tool cabinets, and he just might find one under the tree next year.

But how do you remember all those little things over the course of the year? Maximize the note program in your smartphone, or carry a little notebook in your bag where you can jot them down. That way you’ll be ready when you see the item on sale in a flyer, or you find a super clearance deal at Target. Just check your list to see if there is anyone on it that would appreciate it, and not only will you be getting them something they really want…you’ll save yourself some money doing it!

Once again I’m going to say that personalized gifts always make you a great gift giver. I know I’ve said that in numerous posts this holiday season, but it’s something I really believe. A simple monogram embroidered on a pair of pajamas or a water bottle with a child’s name on it, shows a person you took time to not just think of a gift but have it specially made for them. Maybe I’ll have to get a name plaque engraved for that tool chest next year, hmm?!

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5 thoughts on “How to be a Great Gift Giver

  1. I listen all year long and put sticky notes on the month of December on my wall calendar. Come Christmas, I really can give a gift they want but usually forgot all about.

  2. I always look around through out the year and see what everyone is into and make sure to make a note of it for Christmas! Or if I find something I KNOW they will love, I will get it right then and there!

  3. I love these tips. I do use a Quick Notes program on my phone to keep a list like this. It is so much easier when it comes to shopping for gifts.

  4. I dont use any high tech gadget, I just sort of either remember them, or most times I will go out and find that special something someone has mentioned and put it away. For kids I start paying attention to mentions in about October because their interests change quickly 🙂

  5. i love personalized gifts as well. I really think it shows the recipient that you thought specifically of them.

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