Cozy Up with a Coffeemisu this Holiday Season!

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Barista Prima Coffeehouse® K-Cup® packs are a new exclusive collection of the world’s finest Arabica coffees, roasted in the tradition of Europe’s most celebrated coffee houses. Designed for the passionate coffee lover, the Barista Prima Coffeehouse darker, richer blends feature:

• Bold and complex flavors
• Deepest, darkest to come from the Keurig coffee brewer
• Available in four delicious varieties:
                   • Columbia
                   • House Blend
                   • Italian Roast
                   • French Roast

See below for a delicious recipe you can make at home using Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-Cup packs.

By Francesco Sanapo, Official barista of Barista Prima Coffeehouse
Serves 4

Barista note: A stick blender with a whisk attachment works perfectly for whipping the ingredients in this dessert drink.

• 2 eggs separated
• Pinch of salt
• 3 Tbsp of sugar
• 1 cup mascarpone cheese
• Corn Syrup
• Cocoa powder
• 8 crispy Italian ladyfingers*
• 1 Barista Prima Italian Roast K-Cup portion pack

Whip egg whites with a pinch of salt in a clean medium bowl to stiff peaks.  In another medium bowl, whip egg yolks with sugar until thick and pale yellow.  Whip mascarpone into the yolks until just combined.  Fold the egg whites into the cheese and yolk mixture.

Prepare glasses:  Pour just enough corn syrup to cover the bottom of a small plate or shallow bowl, just slightly wider than the rims of your glasses.  In a second small plate or shallow bowl, add enough cocoa powder to cover the bottom.  Dip the top of each glass in the syrup and then the cocoa powder to create a cocoa rim around the glass. 

Crumble 2 ladyfingers into very small pieces into the bottom of each glass. The cookie pieces should resemble coarse crumbs.

Divide the mixture evenly between four glasses, spooning over the crumbled cookies. Brew the Italian Roast K-Cup portion pack at the 6 ounce setting. Pour 3 tablespoons of coffee into each glass. Sift additional cocoa powder over mixture as a garnish. Serve immediately with a spoon.

*If your grocer only carries the softer ladyfingers, you can bake them in a 200 degree Fahrenheit oven for 15-20 minutes to dry them out. Watch carefully, so they don’t brown.

Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

My picture, may look a little different than your finished result.  I couldn’t find either mascarpone cheese or lady fingers at our Walmart where we shop.  So I used a substitute of cream cheese and sour cream for the mascarpone and I used chocolate fingers instead.  Also my egg whites did not want to form peaks, so I think my ‘misu’ mixture may have been a bit more runny than it should have been.  Regardless – this was so delicious and a super treat to have later in the evening!

Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-Cup packs are available in grocery stores nationwide, at select retailers and online, including their site at Widgets

I received samples of Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-Cup packs products to inspire and create this holiday season.  All opinions are my own.  Affiliate links are used in this post.  Published by Tammy Litke.

4 thoughts on “Cozy Up with a Coffeemisu this Holiday Season!

  1. That looks so good- and the flavor would be wonderful. I would probably have waaaaaaaaaay to many of those!

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