How are Those New Year’s Resolutions Going?

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Ha Ha, I know I post an Easter post and now I have a New Year’s Post up!! I’m a little backwards today!

2010 was a pretty awesome year for me, and I made some New Year’s resolutions for 2011, and now that it’s a quarter way through the year let’s see how I’m doing shall we?

Health/Fitness:  I have been able to maintain keeping off the 30 lbs I lost with Weight Watchers almost 9 years ago, but the older I’m getting the harder it is to keep it off.  I wanted to eat healthier foods and exercise more this year.

I can’t say I’m doing terribly well in that area.  I’m struggling keeping with a regular exercise routine.    The weather has been so cold this winter and the exercise room in our building isn’t very well insulated.  I am hoping that once the weather gets nicer I can drop a couple of the pounds I’ve gained this winter and continue to maintain my weight.

Finance/Money: My blog is three years old this month!  I never originally set out to make a living off of it, but good things came along and here I am now with really what amounts to a part time job.  My goal this year was to expand even more, start growing my other blog Play That Now and be able to go on a blog conference or trip of some kind.  So far the first two are on track and I’m keeping the doors open for opportunites for the third.

Family Time:  This year I resolved to put a smile on the faces of my family every day.  Whether it’s just a hug when they ask, baking their favorite cookies or playing video games with them, I want to put them first.  I will continue to try and focus on this for the rest of the year.  Who knows what God has planned for us, I don’t want any regrets.

Homeschooling:  I am trying to help my daughter shoot for the stars!  (I’m not completely sure she got the memo though…). I am making more of an effort to make sure she learns good study skills.  During the summer I’m going to encourage her to develop her creative writing skills.  I’m going to step out of my box and try some new curriculum for next fall.  Up to this point she has taken the ACT a number of times, but she hasn’t yet taken the SAT.  I’m not sure whether we’ll do any SAT Tutoring or not, it all depends if she chooses a college that requires it.

Home: I wanted to organize a room a month.  So far I managed to organize our living room and laundry room.  I’ve been a slacker this month and haven’t worked on a room yet.

So how about you? How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?

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