My Favorite Thing About Easter

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I shared previously on my Hoppy Mother’s Day Event post about what Easter really means to me.  But I have the opportunity now to write a blog post for Social Moms about my favorite thing about Easter, so I’ll mention it again .

Easter really is what solidifies my faith.  Christmas and Easter go hand in hand.  Without God sending His Son to be a child born on this Earth, the sacrifice for sin could never have been made.  Likewise if Jesus never died on the cross, there would have been no reason for Him to have lived upon this Earth.  Even more so, if He had not defeated death, to rise again, none of it would matter.

So many of my favorite Easter moments are things that have happened in the past, that no longer are tradition now for a number of reasons.  Between moving to another country and things just changing, they’ve gone away, but I still think of them every Easter.

When I was growing up it was traditional for the youth group of our church to go out ‘Easter Caroling’.  They would go to church members’ homes and stand outside their front doors and sing “Up from the Grave He Arose” (I’m not entirely sure if that is even the real name of the song!).  I can’t to this day, not remember all those Easter mornings where we listened to them sing when I hear that song.

Now when we are in town, the Maundy Thursday service at our church is something that really moves me as I reflect on what it means that Jesus died upon the cross FOR ME.  

Then there are traditions still held dear…like eating Cadbury Cream Eggs in egg cups with little tiny spoons!  We did that as kids, and now we do it with our daughter.  Oh how I love my Cadbury Cream Eggs!

Our daughter doesn’t hunt for Easter Eggs anymore, which maybe is a good thing because a few times, we found the eggs only when we were moving furniture around!

We never were much into dying eggs, although we did it one year when my parents came to visit.  But last year we made an Easter Gingerbread house complete with a stone path and a Peep Chick to guard it!

The candy, chocolates and Easter Eggs are all a fun thing, but my ultimate favorite thing about Easter is knowing that my sins are forgiven and Jesus paid the price of them for me!

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