Paul Blart: MALL COP 2

onesheetpaulblartAs always, no one captures Family Fun like Paul Blart and coming out April 17th is the new movie sequel: Paul Blart: MALL COP 2, starring Kevin James and Eduardo Versategui.
It’s a good family comedy.  It’s the perfect film for any family who wants to laugh.
It’s a great plot line….After six years of keeping our malls safe, Paul Blart has earned a well-deserved vacation. He heads to Vegas with his teenage daughter before she heads off to college. But safety never takes a holiday and when duty calls, Blart answers.

In a world where we often focus much of our attention on superheroes and top dogs, we often forget about the every-day people who perform acts of selflessness, sacrifice, and encouragement, like Paul Blart.  Even though, he is recognizably awkward, clumsy, and a man that is easy to overlook, Paul Blart is also someone we can all identify with and draw strength from his character.  He knows family is important, stands up for what is right, and is polite and trustworthy to others despite his flaws and seemingly mundane job. Paul teaches us that regardless of what we do in life, what flaws we may have, or if we constantly find ourselves as the underdog, we can all contribute where we are and improve the lives of those around us – even if we do it with humor.
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Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

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77 thoughts on “Paul Blart: MALL COP 2

  1. I like when he is fighting with the bird and any part when he is riding that thing he rides.

  2. I liked the fight with the bird… it looks like a funny movie… and well I also think Eduardo Versategui is hot… lol I used to watch him in Mexican soap operas.

  3. I like when he is flying into the building on a zipline. And I like that is seems he has a daughter involved in this one.

  4. This movie looks like a lot of fun. It was funny when he gets hit by the cat when he’s on the segway

  5. when he’s running and runs smack dab into the clean glass and bounce back on his butt

  6. I like most that its all going to happen in Vegas, I’m sure that will lead to some interesting situations!

  7. My favorite part in the trailer was when he ran into the glass. I’ve seen people do that in person and it’s hilarious. Of course I always make sure that they are okay.

  8. I like when the fight with the bird, but the movie looks very good, love Kevin James Thanks

  9. I like when he says I love to ride and the horse kicks him across the road lol!!!!

  10. I love the part where he punched the maid! The whole trailer is just hilarious, and I cant wait to take my family to see this!!! We loved the first one!!

  11. I love the part when he is on his Segway and almost gets hit by the van and then laughs and ends up getting by the convertible! This movie looks hilarious!! I can’t wait to see it!

  12. I love the part when he comes crashing through with the angel wings…of course I love him running into the glass too.

  13. I like the segway action, the first of these movies made my laugh so hard. Kevin James is so funny.

  14. Lol the part where the guy just comes from cutting his hair and is wearing the “cape” 🙂

  15. I like when he runs into the glass. We loved the first movie and are excited to see this one.

  16. Super cute trailer!!! I liked it all especially the fight with the bird and all the segway antics.

  17. I love everything with the segway – it’s certainly his partner in (preventing) crime!

  18. I laughed at everything having to do with the Segway and when the bird attacked him.

  19. It all looks great! Sad when he punches the old lady though. I liked the bird attack, and swallowing the bug.

  20. I love the part where he is getting the police woman’s number and he slaps the horses butt and he kicks him into the car….so funny!

  21. I though the whole trailer was funny. I think this is going to be better than the first one. I love the part when he was showing off on the segway and almost got hit by a car but then he ran into a car and said I still got it.

  22. I like the fight with the bird. Can’t wait to take my boys to see this. We loved the first movie!

  23. I like it when the bird attacks him. but i think the whole thing looks pretty funny

  24. The bird part is hysterical. I am looking forward to seeing Kevin James again!

  25. THe segway! thats the best part of his movies. My husband can not wait to see this!

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