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Tired of bag clips that break or crack, or don’t keep your foods fresh because they don’t span the length of the package? Then you might like GRIPSTIC. I’m always looking at ways to keep bags sealed so that I don’t have to put put them in containers that then need to be labeled and washed.

The GRIPSTIC presents a slimmer and sleeker way to keep food fresh, while it locks out air and moisture so food will stay fresh longer and ultimately reduce waste. The one-piece GRIPSTIC slides onto almost any bag and seals chips, snacks and coffee as well as cereal, frozen food and salad and even bags used in the garden or garage.

GRIPSTIC certainly provides a tight seal. The one thing I noticed is that I needed two hands free to slide it on to the package. While it is a simple concept, it’s a bit tougher to get it on then one might think. You slide the guide between the folded edge,

but then you need to pull it across while holding the package to create resistance. Once you’ve put it on few bags you know what to do but younger children might have frustration getting it on. Also some bags might be a little too “thick” and make sliding it on a bit more difficult.

I like them for items we don’t eat a lot of, but I’ll probably stick to my chip clips for bags that we open frequently, it’s just less hassle for on and off, and they don’t last long enough in the cupboard to get stale anyway.

The new GRIPSTIC ( is available for $3.99 at major chain retailers including Albertson’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Giant stores, Stop & Shop, Kroger, Safeway, Publix, and Winn Dixie.

2 thoughts on “GRIPSTIC

  1. I agree. They look a little to complicated for my family. they have a hard enough time just remembering to put the chip clips back on!

  2. I have so many things open for little man, this might come in handy. I use clips for the things we open a lot too, but for things that I open and he doesn't like *now*, this might be more airtight (and I can try again down the line when his tastes change).

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