Great Valentine’s Day Gifts at Shari’s Berries

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Here it is less than a month until Valentine’s Day and I’m still recovering from Christmas! But I have to start thinking of gifts for my sweeties, and in my home that usually means tech gifts or candy!

Enter in Shari’s Berries, an online site where you can purchase mouth watering goodies – their signature items are of course chocolate-dipped strawberries, but there are delicious items of all types at Shari’s Berries just asking to be eaten!

I purchased the Chocolate Covered Oreos (34 cookies in a reusable glass jar) for my two sweeties. There’s a fun story to go along with this purchase. When we went on our Alaskan cruise, the cruise director made a point of letting us know that we had to visit a confectionary shop in Ketchikan when we were in port because of their phenomenal chocolate covered Oreos. So even though it was raining buckets that day, we trudged through the water covered streets to this tiny shop and bought a box. Well we weren’t disappointed. We’ve been talking about them since, and have never found anything as tasty as them…until now!

I am pretty sure my husband drooled a little when he saw the colorful jar sitting on our counter. The glass jar with all the pretty foil colors makes quite a statement sitting out.

I couldn’t help though to stage a few and put some of the holiday colors together and present them to my daughter.

Completely covered in milk chocolate and then drizzled with more chocolate — these are decadent and simply put, the best early Valentine’s Day gift I could have gotten the two of them.

And believe it or not, the two of them were willing to give up a few so I could have a taste!

Shopping at Shari’s Berries is pretty painless (well except for the cravings you may be feeling once you’re finished perusing their site), and a coupon code would make your purchase even more enticing! Check out to find the latest ones. Shipping was quick (I ordered on Thursday, and received the package on Monday), and the cookies…definitely a quality product.

What kind of items would your sweeties enjoy from Shari’s Berries?

I received a gift certificate to purchase an item to review. All opinions are my own, and were not influenced by the gift certificate.

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