Otterbox Defender Case for iPhones

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In my ongoing quest to have an iPhone case to match every outfit in my closet, in the short month and a half that I have owned it, I have amassed a small collection of cases. But there are times you want style and fashion and then there are others that you want protection. Good thing for me that Otterbox‘s Defender Cases gives you both.

I have been sporting the Digital Camo Defender Case on my iPhone 4S, in the pink/grey color.

The Defender Cases come with 3 parts. A polycarbonate shell that has a built in screen protector (that’s the pink portion on my case), an silicone outer layer (the grey digital camo portion) and a belt-clip holster (which incidentally also doubles as a stand to view your iPhone hands free horizontally). Plus you can put your phone with the screen facing in to add an extra layer of protection if you like.

The built in screen protector is a very neat feature because it protects the glass from knocks, drops and scratches, but you don’t have to worry about it ‘peeling’ off like adhesive screen protectors. I have noticed that you need to press with a tad bit more pressure with it on, but for the things I use my phone for, it hasn’t hindered me at all.

The Digital Camo pattern on the silicone is really cool looking and protects all your buttons and ports. Simply lifting a flap will gain you access when you need to use them.

The silicone layer is initially a little difficult to get on but that’s because it fits snugly (as it should), and once it’s on, it stays on. The Defender Case does make the phone more boxy and adds to the profile of it. I’m okay with that though because I have the confidence that if I drop it, my phone will still be in one piece.

OtterBox provides protection for more than just iPhones, cases for other brands of cell phones, tablets and iTouches are available too. Shop and see what’s available for your device!

I received this case from Otterbox for testing, in order to write this review. Published by Tammy Litke.

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