Show the Love with a DayCase ~ Change Your Case Every Day!

DayCase is the product of Under the Rainbow Media, LLC an app developer for Apple. If you want a trendy smart phone case, this is where you’ll find it…and then some!

I mentioned in a previous ‘Gifts For Your Sweeties‘ post, that either tech products or candy is a hit around here for Valentine’s Day. Well this girl is pleased as punch to have some inserts in her DayCase for iPhone 4S that show the love…quite literally 🙂

Phone cases make great Valentine’s Day gifts

With holiday inserts like the ones DayCase has and a matching bumper, tweens/teens and tech loving women are going to love you for this one. Plus it’s affordable. This particular model in the photos is on sale right now for $21.95 which includes the 3 inserts. The collection choices are abundant, colorful, and some of them are downright sassy! If you want even more inserts for your phone you can purchase collections for as low as $4.95 for three, or you can even custom make them and personalize them the way you want.

What makes DayCase stand out from their competitors is the ability to change the look of your case almost on the fly, but even more than that, it’s the inserts that are so impressive. DayCase inserts are made from a special polyester material that won’t rip or tear, and can stand up to water and chemicals.  Watch this short video to see what they’re all about.

For some reason that very last word of the video got cut off when I uploaded it to the server.  I was saying that the inserts are much sturdier than paper.

The outer case is made from a lightweight but durable polycarbonate, and has a pretty thin profile. The surrounding bumper is available in an assortment of colors depending on the device you need it for. All the edges are covered, so you can place your phone face down, and the bumpers won’t collect lint either. The DayCase is a fun way to protect your iPhone, iTouch or Galaxy III.

I received a DayCase to review. All opinions are my own.  Published by Tammy Litke.

21 thoughts on “Show the Love with a DayCase ~ Change Your Case Every Day!

  1. I like Collection # 909 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Daycase Bundle.


  2. I like collection 102. But I wished they came in iPhone 5–we just upgraded. My daughter will love this for her hand me down phone.

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