Momax Airbox – World’s First True Wireless Power Bank for Apple

I love my Apple products.  I have an iMac, an iPhone, an iPad and an Apple Watch.  I love how they seamlessly work together to allow me to work efficiently.  The downside to the ones I own?  The way they all need different cables and plugs to charge them.  Enter the Momax Airbox; a portable power bank that can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, Airpods, and yes even your iPad… all at the same time!!

Airbox is MFi (Made for Apple) and Qi certified. That means that it has passed the rigorous testing required to be certified and approved by Apple to work safely with their devices.  Surprisingly it is quite compact; about the size of a eyeglass case and weighing just over ¾ of a pound.   It looks sleek and modern and fits quite well aesthetically into the Apple ecosystem. It’s also TSA approved, so no worries bringing it through airport security.   So here’s what you get with an Airbox:

A USB-C port that can charge at 20W, so you can charge your iPad if it is a newer generation, or even give your Macbook some extra battery life.  A 10W wireless charger base for your iPhone (or any other Qi enabled phone); an Apple Watch magnetic charger; a slot that wirelessly charges the AirPods (for applicable models), and a slot to store the Apple Pencil (this slot doesn’t charge the pencil though).  If you want, the AirPods can stay in the case for storage too.  It also comes with a carrying pouch, which as a bonus you can also use to clean your screens.

I was going to do a video review, but honestly this one from Fjordstrøm Travel & Tech on YouTube is done so well and is so concise I didn’t see the point in reinventing the wheel.

After reading the included guide, it’s pretty simple to use.  The Airbox can be charged with a USB-C cable or you can even charge it wirelessly.  You power the whole unit on and when powered up on the right you will see four LED lights that indicate the battery level of the Momax Airbox.

It’s the 10,000 mAh portable battery in the Airbox that’s providing all that juice.  To break it down that’s enough power to charge your iPhone about 3 times, your Apple Watch over a dozen times, and an iPad pro once. 

Most Qi power banks of this capacity and quality are about ½ the price of the Momax Airbox, but they only charge one or two devices at a time, but to be able to charge 4, well that gives this unit a lot of bang for one’s buck.

We’ve found many power banks with wireless-charging aren’t particularly great wireless chargers.  For the small footprint it takes up, the Momax Airbox delivers so much more than most power banks and/or wireless chargers.  I have multiple different phone cases for my iPhone X, and so far all of them play nicely with the Airbox.  When placing my husband’s LG on it, you can see that it is  indeed delivering that “fast” wireless charging. 

The Momax Airbox can be purchased on Amazon at a price of $109.99, keep an eye on it because they often have coupons to drop the price even lower.   The Airbox is a great choice if you want a power bank that can both wirelessly charge your phone, watch and AirPods AND provide backup power on the go.  Choosing an Airbox means you can avoid carrying four dedicated charging accessories.  When it isn’t being used for charging we love that the case can store the Apple Pencil and AirPods in it, which is especially helpful when traveling.

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  1. That is nifty, especially for fans of Apple products. I’m all about the multiple device charging this year. The last year and a half have been well….looking ahead to this winter and what I’ve been able to get back to this summer and fall for the most part makes me really miss social hangouts. But I’ve been most interested in being able to charge multiple phones with my friends.

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