Give Away: New Kind of Breakfast Fit for a Foodie!

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Last week I received samples of the new belVita Breakfast Biscuits to try. They come in three varieties: Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon and Golden Oat. I enjoyed the Blueberry the most and it is my favorite, but they all tasted good.  They’re thin and light and have a taste similar to a digestive cookie (or teething biscuit!).

If you’re wondering why you’d want to purchase belVita Breakfast Biscuits, why they’d benefit you if you need a quick breakfast for on the go, here’s a little about them:

1. Provides nutritious sustained energy for the whole morning
The sustained energy release results from a combination of specially selected ingredients and a carefully controlled baking process that helps preserve the integrity of the grain, so that the carbohydrates are released regularly and continuously to fuel the body.

2. 18-20 grams of delicious whole grain per serving.

3. Good source of fiber and B vitamins.

4. Part of a balanced breakfast when paired with a piece of fruit and serving of low-fat or non-fat dairy, like a non-fat latté and banana.

If you find yourself eating high-calorie, high-fat laden foods for breakfast or skipping breakfast altogether – belVita Breakfast Biscuits are a healthy, easily transportable way to start your day in a good way. If you keep a pack in your bag, you’ll never have a reason to skip breakfast again!  These are something I plan to pack in my carry-on when we go traveling.  We have some long days when we fly; between airport layovers and on planes.  BelVita Breakfast Biscuits should help us hoof our way across airports from gate to gate especially when we’re up for those early morning flights!

They come packaged in 5 packs of 4 breakfast biscuits (individually packaged) for a suggested retail price of $3.69 a box. You can find them in the cookie/cracker aisle at retailers nationwide.

Disclosure: I received samples of belVita. No compensation was received. I have my own opinions about the product.


One reader will win a belVita prize package which includes a box of each of the three varieties plus some branded belVita merchandise.

To enter the giveaway just let me know why you’d like to win in the Rafflecopter form below.

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