Give Away – Master Lock Password Lock

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When Amber was younger she took swimming lessons at a local college. We were able to store her street clothes and our jackets in any of the empty lockers in the change room. We live in a pretty safe community so we weren’t terribly worried of our stuff being taken. I often just threw my wallet in her bag with her towel for convenience sake, but then obviously I wanted a lock to put on the locker on the off chance someone decided to rifle through our things it wouldn’t get stolen.

A number combination lock, an aging memory and a seven year old shivering in a wet swimsuit is not a good mix. I really could have used a Master Lock Password Lock at the time. You can set your own combination with letters and numbers, so that it means something to you and you can recall it more easily. Since over 25 million combinations are possible – there is bound to be something that you will remember without worrying whether you’re spinning the dial to the right numbers.

These are great for locking up school, employee, athletic, and indoor storage lockers. They also work well if you need to lock up a cabinet.

Check out how easy it is to use.

Disclosure: I received a sample from Master Lock. No compensation was received. I have my own opinions about the product.


One reader will win a Set Your Own Combination Password Lock

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