Gift Smart with RadioShack

This is a sponsored opportunity from RadioShack, but the opinions are 100% my own.

It was so good to have our college daughter home for Thanksgiving break.  It was truly the kick off to the holiday season for our family and I was anxious to get out and do some Christmas shopping for her after we took her back to school this past Friday.  College students LOVE electronics (can’t say I mind them myself!) and I want to gift smart this year.  Good thing RadioShack can help me out with that.

Sharing a dorm room with two other girls has been an adjustment for her as an only child.  She’s not used to having to be respectful of other people’s space.  One thing that she has mentioned to us over this first semester is that sound “leaks” out from her cheap ear buds that she uses when she plays video games and listens to music on her laptop.  Dragon Age 2 and animé soundtracks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea after all.

There are so many neat products available at RadioShack, and one of the items I got for Amber as a Christmas gift were these Beats By Dr. Dre Solo2 Headphones.

While I like to pride myself in being the cool mom who is generally in the know especially when it comes to tech products, I can’t say I know a whole lot about decibels, bass or acoustics.  So the personal assistance that comes with shopping at RadioShack to help you find just what you’re looking for is really appreciated by me.  These compact over the ear headphones are just what the college students gravitate to for personal gaming and listening to music.  If you know the Beats line you know they’re quality, and there will be no ‘noise pollution’ from these!  I don’t know who is going to be more excited when she brings them back to her dorm room, her or her roommates 😉  I would say that’s gifting smart for everyone involved.  Amber will be happy, her roommates will be happy, and I’m happy because I’m buying the right gift the first time and won’t have to go back to return it!

When I was at Type A conference in September, one of the speakers mentioned the DE World Selfie Stick with remote as a great tool for bloggers, but I knew it would be a total hit with my daughter and planned on getting it for her!

One of the things she actually has to do for one of her classes at school is go to different campus functions and take selfies to prove she was there.  She and her friends are going to have a blast using this selfie stick taking photos of themselves wherever they go for class assignments and just to post on social media!  If you have a teen you know the selfies abound on Facebook, on Instagram on Twitter, and this is just one of many fun smart gifts that you can find for them at RadioShack.

Hey what?  I just had to try it out before I wrapped it up 😉  I am TOTALLY getting one of these for myself too!

Helping you #GiftSmart is RadioShack’s holiday motto with the latest innovative tech and accessories and some unique ones as well, you’ll find what you want with the low prices you want and their expanded price-match guarantee*.   If  your local RadioShack happens to be out of stock on a gift and it is in stock at another RadioShack location, associates will make sure you’ll still get what you’re looking for by shipping it directly to you – for free!  How’s that for service?  And with Pay Your Way options including the RadioShack Credit Card, SmartPay everyday leasing option (where you can make your payments online or mail them in) and Apple Pay**, you can choose how to pay in the way that best suits you.

From stocking stuffers and toys to that coveted tech gift, RadioShack is a convenient place to get smart gifts for everyone on your list.  Why not hit them up for #CyberMonday?  And for you procrastinators who leave it to the last minute to shop (hey, I know some of you wait until the 23rd or 24th even!!), you can find a location near you here.

*RadioShack matches prices on identical products from local brick-and-mortar competitors, major online retailers (excluding wireless phones from online retailers) and at the time of purchase or within 15 days of the purchase.  See stores for more details.

**Apple Pay has rolled out to more than 900 RadioShack locations across Manhattan, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, with additional markets to follow in 2015.

What kind of ‘smart gifts’ are you going to be looking to purchase at RadioShack this year?