3 InStyler Tools That Will Having Your Hair Looking Glam for the Holidays

Why is it that the gals that are born with curly hair want it straight and those with straight hair want it curly?  Am I right?!  I have natural curly hair that with age has become more wavy than curly, but give me some curlers, a curling iron or a perm and I’ve got spirals happening!

While I do on occasion let my hair dry naturally and thus get some great volume (and sometimes frizz!) in it, I do prefer to have straighter hair, but not without some lift.  Alas, I find it difficult to wield the hair dryer, brush, and flat iron with my two hands without burning myself or just having it take too darn long to make it worth the frustration.

As part of a VocalPoint program I was sent 3 InStyler Tools to try out, 2 of which would hopefully help my dilemma.  These are the products that were sent to me with a brief description of each, and then I’ll show you some before and after pictures using a couple of them.  I have pretty wavy hair when left to dry naturally, and both the InStyler tools did a good job straightening it.  They also left my hair shiny.

InStyler MAX

 The InStyler MAX is the most advanced version of the InStyler Rotating Iron yet! With a 2-way rotating barrel.

Rotates Left and Right
The MAX lets you control the direction of the rotating barrel for maximum results.  With the innovative 2-way rotation technology, the barrel can rotate in the natural direction of your hair without ever having to switch hands or change the MAX’s position.

Ionic Ceramic Technology
With the tourmaline ceramic rotating barrel and floating plate, hair is kept smooth and polished without ever being crushed or damaged.  The rotating barrel evenly distributes heat to protect hair from damage, while the precision aligned ionic bristles reduce frizz.

Ultimate Styling Versatility
The possibilities are endless.  With the MAX, you can create straight and sleek styles or add incredible body and volume.  Wrap your hair around the rotating barrel and you can achieve beautiful soft curls or perfect beach waves.

The InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron is a really unique product.  I did find that I have to press the brush plate to the curling barrel pretty hard in order to get the barrel to spin properly.  And because it took me a bit of time to get used to using it, I was very thankful for the heat guard that’s included that you attach to the barrel to protect you from touching the barrel directly to your scalp or the back of your neck.  I love how quickly the InStyler products heat up, but with this particular model you do have to work slowly to get it to produce the results you want.  30 second rapid heat up means I don’t have to plan straightening my hair in advance and having four heat settings is a real perk to this product as many flat irons don’t have that feature.  And if I forget to turn it off – no worries.. it has automatic shut-off.  Plus a 6 foot cord!  Thank you InStyler, straightening my hair in a hotel room will never be the same since I can now watch TV while doing my hair again.

Here is my hair air dryed before, during and after using the InStyler MAX.

InStyle Ionic Styler Pro

4 Styling tools in 1
Straigtens, Waves/Curls, Shines, Adds Body
Dual Ionic Ceramic Technology
Open and use as a flat iron, Close and use as a hot brush

While I like the idea of having a flat iron and curling iron in one product, I actually preferred the Ionic Styler Pro.  It’s a great styling tool and I’m finding myself using it a lot.  I can reproduce the look I get when coming out of the salon, which I’m telling you is no small feat.  Using it as a flat iron unlocked gets my hair straight, and then locking it to use as a heat brush to style alleviates me having to break out the hair dryer to do the same thing, and this way I have both hands to control the brush.

What’s great about that is you don’t have to worry about burning yourself because the bristles stay cool, which means that I can completely direct the way I want my hair to be styled by cupping the brush while I’m pulling it down and don’t injure myself in the process.  That’s way more efficient than trying to use the high heat setting on my hair dryer.


Curls in 3 Seconds
Curling your hair has never been so fast and easy. The TULIP’s innovative automatic curling technology lets you relax while the TULIP does all the work. With the tap of a button, you can have perfect curls and waves in just 3 seconds.

Anti-Tangle Technology

With the unique open barrel design of the TULIP, your hair is visible and exposed at all times, preventing hair from getting tangled and becoming jammed in the unit. The open design and ample space surrounding the barrel also makes it easy for the TULIP to curl long and thick hair.

Lightweight Design

The lightweight ergonomic design of the TULIP makes curling your hair easy and comfortable. Throughout the entire styling process, the TULIP is held in a natural vertical position with a relaxed grip, putting no strain or stress on your hand or wrist.

I did not try the Tulip, because I prefer straight hair and I have enough natural wave to mine if I let it air dry.  I have a friend with a teenage daughter that is begging to try it out though, she has pretty thin hair that doesn’t hold a curl well so it should be fun to see if the Tulip works for her!  I plan on updating this post with before and after pictures of her after she’s used it!

You can buy the InStyler products online at RSVPInStyler.com and enter the code SAVE30 for a 30% discount on the line of InStyler tools.  The code is limited to 2 tools through 1/31/15.

How do you make your hair glam for the holidays?