G-Project Portable Speakers Review: With Water Resistance, These Speakers Go With You Anywhere

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for G-Project. I received a G-Go and G-Zip to facilitate my review.

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G-Project is aiming to bring your music with you everywhere with their speakers.

If you’re carrying a smartphone, tablet or have a newer computer, you likely have that completely awesome feature called Bluetooth on it.  And the G-Go speakers from G-Project harnesses the power of that wireless connection and lets you enjoy your music without comprising sound, where you’re at.

Attempting to set up the G-Go speaker was a simple task.  A quick read through of the accompanying pamphlet had me up and running in minutes.  I easily had it set up with my iPhone and iMac and was listening to my uploaded songs and streaming Pandora.

How seamless is the connection from device to speakers?  Well check out the videos I made showing the speaker in my kitchen while I walk around my home, and then again on my back deck.

The sound from the speakers is definitely better than from the iPhone itself and of course it amplifies the music.  Simple buttons allow you to to control what’s playing, pause, and the volume as needed.  It even has an equalizer feature so you can adjust it to suit your preferences.

The G-Go speakers can be used plugged in to an outlet with the included AC plug, or with a USB cable, but it also can use 4AA batteries so when you need or want to be completely cord free you can be.  If you have a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth it has the ability to support it with a line in jack as well.  The speaker can also be used in ‘natural’ environments (outdoors, near water) because of its water resistance.  Just note that you’d have to use them with the battery option in those situations because all access panels have to be closed and locked to keep the water out.

G-Project also has a smaller portable speaker called the G-Zip.  If you have a lackluster stereo system in your vehicle (like I do), and want better sounding music while driving, the G-Zip speaker is an affordable option.  The G-Zip speaker has a rechargeable battery that you can charge via USB.

Simply plug it into your headphone jack and you’ve got yourself a decent speaker for your smartphone, mp3 player or tablet (actually any device that has a 3.5mm port).

The most striking feature of both these G-Project speakers though is the quality sound you get at the price point.  $20 for the G-Zip and $70 for the G-Go.

G-Project has liberated us from headphones, cords and distorted sounding music both at home and on the go!

Where would you like to be “cord free” with your music, or where do you like to listen to music on the go?

28 thoughts on “G-Project Portable Speakers Review: With Water Resistance, These Speakers Go With You Anywhere

  1. They are so cute, I love my bluetooth I will often listen to music getting ready in the morning and I bluetooth it to my speaker,

  2. What a great concept! I would love to be able to listen to music while outside lounging at the pool or throughout my home while I clean.

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