Wallis & Miraval Blogger Contest & a Giveaway for You!

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I am slowly catching up after starting to settle in after our move.  It seems that every time I unpack one box, another one mysteriously appears!  It’s fun and frustrating all at the same time.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the apparel and accessories from Wallis that I’d want to pack for a desert getaway to the Miraval Spa.  I am actually part of a blogger contest where the winner with the most votes for their picks will win a spa getaway and more.

I’m a little behind since I haven’t had the time to ask for votes – but if you’d like to throw one (or two, or three because you can vote ONCE PER HOUR!!!) my way I sure would appreciate it.  After this move, I could use a spa getaway 🙂  I’m not much one for voting contests because they kind of bring me back to middle school and high school where I wasn’t ever one of the “in” kids, and never could muster enough votes to win anything.  I primarily entered this one for you my readers because along with the blogger contest for me … I get to giveaway a $25 Gift Code to Wallis for one of you!  So it’s a pretty easy entry that if you don’t want to do it hourly just because, you can at least get an entry for this contest on my blog by voting for me daily.

20 thoughts on “Wallis & Miraval Blogger Contest & a Giveaway for You!

  1. I like this shirt Navy Polka Dot Shirt
    Was $58.00
    Now $52.00
    Color: NAVY
    Item code: 204556024

  2. I would love the Stone Feather Print Petite Top paired with black leggings and nude sandals for a weekend getaway.

  3. I would take the black embellished kimono on a weekend getaway, it would look good with shorts or a summery skirt.

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