For Us, the Best Wireless Plan for Keeping in Touch is Walmart Family Mobile

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It’s been a month now since we’ve been using a lowest price rate plan with Walmart Family Mobile, on a second line that’s shared between my daughter and me.  Why the sharing you ask?  Well I have my own phone and a different plan, but international calling to Canada to keep in touch with my family is not so affordable on my plan.  So when I want to talk to my mom or my sister when I’m on the go, I’ve been using my daughter’s Concord phone on the Walmart Family Mobile plan to do so.

Walmart Family Mobile Activation #shop

This phone has been an affordable option for both purposes!  At just $79.99 on rollback, the Concord smart phone is an android phone that is a perfect phone for a teenager.  And the unlimited plans offered by Walmart Family Mobile  have everything she needs to web surf, text and call with her friends, with a cheap wireless plan price that we as parents can stomach to pay for each month 😉 It’s just $34.88 + taxes and fees (we get a $5 discount because we already have another line with Walmart Family Mobile).

The option to add an Extras Pack that never expires to the plan, for me to use for International calling and texting is so great.  

Walmart Family Mobile Extras Pack #shop

Like when I wasn’t home and my young nephew was having surgery, I was still able to text my sister and ask how things were going.  

International Calling Walmart Family Mobile #shop

The bonus to Walmart Family Mobile is when I use the international features they come out of the Extras Pack and it doesn’t jack up the monthly cost of what we’re paying for the phones.  Plus it is shared by all family members.  Any activated line on the account can use it for no monthly charge, you just pay for what you need.  So that means that my husband who also has a line with Walmart Family Mobile can use it on his phone too.  Just so we know who’s using what, it’s nice to be able to access the Extras Pack with the online account management and information through their website.

Online Account Management and Information #shop

We’ve found #FamilyMobileSaves us money, and I’m looking forward to being able to ditch the plan I’m currently with and move my line over to it too when I am able.  I’m so glad I was able to participate in this campaign with #cbias, because as a family we’ve come to love the service and price that Walmart Family Mobile offers us.  So maybe you’re already thinking about what you could do with all those savings if you would switch from a contract plan to a no-contract plan like Walmart Family Mobile.  Well this month with the savings we had from the plan I actually purchased some sheets from Walmart to put on our guest beds… for those same family members I keep in touch with using the international calling, for when they visit!  (I also have my eye on an pre-lit LED Christmas tree there which would look great in our front entry way, mayhaps I could use October and November’s savings to purchase that..hmmm?!)

Do you use a no contract plan to save money on your monthly wireless bill?  Or have you considered switching to the lowest price rate plan to save yourself money?  Would you leave a contract provider for a post-paid no contract plan? Why or why not?

25 thoughts on “For Us, the Best Wireless Plan for Keeping in Touch is Walmart Family Mobile

  1. Not a bad plan at all. 5 gb of data would be more than ample for most people. I have a 4G phone & plan, but honestly, 95% of the time I either find myself on wifi or 3G.

  2. I don't think I'm under contract anymore because I tend to just buy my phones outright, but I have stayed with the same carrier for almost 10 years. I guess I don't have any complaints so why mess with it?

    I like how you're able to contact Canada with the extra plan on yours though.

  3. We are under contract for another year but I will certainly consider the Walmart Family Plan! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I also got the Concord phone through the Walmart Family Mobile plan. It was such a neat little phone that I had my mom test it out too, now she is thinking of getting one. She still had an old flip phone that didn't even have texting!

  5. This looks like a great option for families. I don't like to spend a lot of money on the kid's first phones.

  6. That's so great that you just pay for what you use with the extra features- it's so much better than paying for it every month and then not using it!

  7. I would love to be in a no contract plan. We spend so much each month on our phone bill. I would love to be able to put the money we save to much better use! #client

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