Top 5 Things That Every Woman Should Have With Her During the Holidays

Oh the holidays, the most wonderful time of the year, until we don’t have the stuff we need on hand.  When you’re at the school concert, office party, holiday dinner at Gran’s or shopping, you dig through your purse looking for the most mundane things and you can’t find them!   Sure you remembered to bring a dozen wrapped gifts, the ugly Christmas sweaters, the two bottles of champagne, a box of chocolates, but you don’t have a band-aid or lip balm.

So here’s a list of 5 things I always keep in my purse and why… especially during the holidays.  I’d include my iPhone, but really that’s a given, I think most of us have our smartphones attached to our hands these days.

#5 – Facial Tissue – Oh during this winter season of drippy noses and sneezing, I always make sure I have a travel pack in my handbag, because if I don’t have them guaranteed I will need them and then will be rubbing my coat or sweater sleeve under my nose.  Plus they do double duty when you need to clean up a spill or wipe junk off a cart handle.

#4 – Charger & Cord for the Smartphone – Even if you leave the house with a charged battery, all those photos, videos and uploading of your cute kids singing Rudolph, Periscoping, Snapchatting, Facebooking, well you get the idea, will have you gasping when you see your phone is in low power mode.  You won’t have to hunt for a plug with a portable charger (just make sure that is charged!).  Also don’t forget the cord, a fully charged portable battery does one no good without the cord 😉

#3 – A Pen – It boggles my mind how many women don’t carry a pen in their bag.   Granted gone are the days of writing checks or signing credit card slips without a digital screen, but I’m constantly lending mine out where ever I am, so we obviously still use them a lot.  From addressing those last minute Christmas Cards to scribbling down the recipe for Aunt Betty’s pie, a pen still comes in handy when you can write faster than you can use a phone keyboard.

#2 – Hand Sanitizer – The germs!  I can’t even some days when I see the sneeze and then the person touching the toy on the shelf, and then I think to myself who touched this box before me and what was on their hands?!  Yeah I have one of these in every bag I own.

#1 – First Aid Shot Therapy – I’m going to tell you something that might not come as a complete surprise to you — during the holidays (okay not just then) I eat greasy, fatty foods.  And way too much of them in one sitting.  Honestly when I look back on the last couple of weeks since Thanksgiving, I’m surprised I haven’t been couch bound because of indigestion.  Endless parties and eating out will do that to you 🙂  But I don’t have time to curl up in a ball and whine when heart burn strikes because I have things to do, places to go… more food to eat!

First Aid Shot Therapy provides fast relief for all of life’s aliments…like too many pieces of cheesecake at that holiday party – or one too many cocktails on New Year’s Eve – F.A.S.T. has you covered!!

First Aid Shot Therapy is a line of convenient, FDA-compliant, single-dose liquid medications with you in mind! They help relieve heartburn and hangover pain (they also have a Pain Relief and Cold Relief). They fit conveniently in your purse!! No need to search for pills or spring for an over-priced bottle of water to wash them down – First Aid Shot Therapy’s liquid formulas allow for easy consumption and fast relief – and their size allows for easy on-the-go storage.  First Aid Shot Therapy can be purchased at HEB stores or on

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